Move Data From Box to Google Drive With Complete Replication

Many businesses plan to switch between different cloud storage solutions for enhanced features, cost-effectiveness, and/or improved collaboration tools. In such migration use cases, it is imperative to ensure that all the data is migrated accurately with close to complete replication to make the impact of cloud environment change down to the minimum.

In this article, we explore how to migrate data from Box to Google Drive with complete replication, offering insights into a process that helps organizations maintain data integrity and continuity.

1. Migrate All File Formats Supported by Box

Box supports many file types, including Google Drive and Microsoft-supported file formats. Also, it includes Box Notes, its native file format. By meticulously transferring every file format, organizations can maintain data integrity, accessibility, and functionality in their new Google Drive environment, ensuring that no crucial data is left behind during the migration process.

CloudFuze helps you transfer different file types from Box to Google Drive in the following format.

Box Google Drive (After Migration)
.boxnote .docx
.docx .docx
.xlsx .xlsx
.gdoc .gdoc
.pptx .pptx
.gsheet .gsheet
.gslides .gslides
.pages .pages
.key .key
.numbers .numbers

2. Migrate All Data Features

Besides different file formats, Box offers a wide range of data features to enhance collaboration. These features include permissions, comments, timestamps, version history, embedded links, and shared links. When migrating to Google Drive, it’s essential to ensure that these data features are fully preserved. Choosing a data migration tool that can effectively transfer these aspects is vital to maintaining the integrity of your data and your workflow.

Ensuring the seamless transfer of these data features is crucial to maintaining data integrity and accessibility in the new environment, allowing users to continue their work without disruptions.

3. Preserve Links During Migration

When transitioning data from Box to Google Drive, it is vital to migrate links without breakage. URLs can vary between different cloud platforms, and if not handled correctly, links can become inaccessible after the migration.

To ensure a seamless transition for users, it is essential to choose a tool that migrates and ensures that the links do not break and remain functional and accessible in the new environment. This attention to link preservation helps maintain data integrity and provides a hassle-free user experience after the migration.

4. Migrate Incremental Changes

To ensure complete replication, you must have a strategy in place to migrate incremental changes. Migrating incremental changes involves identifying and transferring any new files or modifications made to existing files in Box to Google Drive. This process ensures that your data remains up-to-date and consistent in the new storage platform.

5. Select the Right Migration Tool

Selecting the right migration tool is a critical aspect of successfully moving data from Box to Google Drive with complete replication. The choice of migration tool should align with your organization’s specific needs, considering factors like data volume, complexity, and desired features to be migrated.

The right tool can simplify the migration process, minimize data loss, and ensure that all your valuable data is replicated accurately in Google Drive.

With the help of a reliable migration tool like CloudFuze, you can streamline the process and ensure that all your files, data features, links, and incremental changes are transferred seamlessly. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the migration process, minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless data replication.

Contact our team of experts to initiate a seamless migration process, guaranteeing that your operations remain uninterrupted after the transition from Box to Google Drive.

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