Migrate Jira Slack Integration to Teams with CloudFuze

Like many third-party apps that are part and parcel of smooth user collaboration, Jira integration in Slack becomes a priority in the scope of work when planning to migrate Slack to Teams. Migrating Jira Slack integration to Microsoft Teams is indeed a complex technical feat to achieve which requires advanced tooling functionalities and proper planning.

With our Slack to Microsoft Teams migration solution, you can transfer Jira Slack integrations without losing messages and breaking Jira tasks and project links. Explore more details below:

Migrating Jira Slack Integration and Other App Integrations to Teams

We follow a methodological approach to streamlining the entire process of migrating Slack integrations to Teams, including Jira integration. Check out the structured steps below:

1. Identifying Jira and Other Slack Integrations with Pre-Migration Analysis

The first step is to identify all the apps integrated into Slack channels that are to be migrated during the Pre-migration analysis stage. When your IT team is on it, perform a deep analysis of the way Jira is integrated into the Slack channel and plan the migration accordingly. You can also do the same for other third-party apps integrated within the Slack channels.

2. Cross-checking Jira app’s Availability in Microsoft Apps Store

As part of migrating any Slack integration into Microsoft Teams, we will create a report that shares details on the availability of the selected app integrations (to be migrated) in Microsoft’s Apps store. We recommend migrating only the app integrations of which the actual apps are available in Microsoft’s Apps store.

3. Migrating and Syncing the Jira Slack Integration

The final step is to migrate the Jira Slack integration to Teams and sync the Jira messages and links by manually integrating Jira app from the Apps store into the relevant Team.

Jira Slack integration to Teams

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