Migrate Slack Integrations to Microsoft Teams with CloudFuze

When migrating to Microsoft Teams from Slack, one of the most important and complex technical aspects to deal with is Slack integrations. Migrating the data of the third-party applications (integrated into Slack) to Teams helps ensure that the migration is comprehensive and that your business does not leave anything behind post-migration. Taking this approach is especially critical for businesses that plan to consolidate into Microsoft 365.

With the most advanced Slack to Teams migration tool in the industry, we at CloudFuze, make it simple for businesses of all sizes to retain Slack integration data in Teams during the migration process. Get a high-level overview of the approaches we follow:

Identifying Slack Integrations with a Pre-Migration Analysis

The first foundational step is to identify all the third-party apps that your company has integrated into the existing Slack environment. We do this in a structured way through a comprehensive pre-migration analysis.

In the pre-migration analysis stage, we also help in identifying other areas of Slack, such as Workspaces, Channels, Channel memberships, group and direct messages, and more. With a detailed analysis, it becomes simple for your business to finalize what to migrate and prepare the scope of work.

Learn more on how our pre-migration visibility enables businesses to make strategic decisions around the scope of work and the overall migration project.

Report on the Slack-Integrated Apps Compatible with Teams

Upon analyzing the available app integrations in Slack, our migration team will prepare and provide your IT team with a detailed report on the apps that are available in the Microsoft Apps Store. Make sure to thoroughly review the report to make informed decisions.

With this approach, your team can ensure that we migrate only the data of the apps that are available in the Microsoft App Store and can be integrated into Teams and other Microsoft 365 apps.

Transferring the Slack Integration Data

In this stage, our migration team will transfer all the messages of the third-party apps integrated into Slack to Microsoft Teams. While doing this, all the message links are kept intact to streamline the syncing process.

 Slack Integration Data

Syncing the Migrated Data with the Integrations on Teams

After the one-time and delta migration of the entire Slack environment, we will help you integrate the apps manually into Teams by adding them through the Microsoft Store. This way, you can take a granular approach in syncing the migrated messages.

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As a strategic migration partner, we can help you migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams securely and flawlessly while ensuring preservation of the Slack integration data. Connect with us now to discuss the scope.

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