CloudFuze’s Delta Migration: Dropbox to Google Workspace

CloudFuze’s Delta Migration Dropbox

In today’s data-driven business landscape, preserving and analyzing the necessary data to unlock valuable insights is paramount. And when planning to move Dropbox to Google Drive (or Google Workspace), ensure that your organization loses no data during the migration.

Let us take a look into the significance of performing an incremental or delta migration and how CloudFuze can help achieve it.

When Should You Perform an Incremental or Delta Migration?

Most businesses keep working on the source cloud data during or after the initial cloud-to-cloud migration is completed. Such cases include continuity in everyday operations, continuous client interactions, sales updates, and other ongoing business processes that your company must preserve for future reference.

To reflect these latest source data changes in the destination environment, you must execute an incremental or delta migration.

So, when you migrate Dropbox to Google Shared Drives and Google Drive, rather than trying to re-migrate the entire source files in the event of any changes, you must perform a delta migration. It helps replicate the changes in the target cloud exactly as available in the source.

What Are the Benefits of Executing an Incremental Migration?

If you are wondering why your business should execute an incremental migration during a Dropbox to Google Workspace migration, here are the reasons below:

  • By running a delta migration, you can ensure the migration of all source data that are either added or updated during the initial data transfer.
  • It reduces migration costs by moving only the newly added or updated records instead of transferring the entire source records.
  • Delta migration also reduces the network load by handling fewer records at a time than migrating all the source records.
  • It prevents any interruptions to business-critical workloads that are dependent on data.
  • It helps in easier and quicker migration troubleshooting and provides better risk management due to fewer files.

How Can CloudFuze Help?

CloudFuze is a trustworthy data migration service provider capable of performing incremental migrations from one cloud to another.

It actively scans all the source data and identifies only the changed or newly inserted files by comparing them with the target cloud data.

CloudFuze offers the flexibility to organizations to perform both all and selective delta migration based on business requirements. With the standard delta migration, your team can transfer incremental changes of all users to ensure complete replication.

On the other hand, the selective delta migration option provides a granular approach to choosing selective user accounts and transferring their incremental changes. This option helps reduce the migration cost and save on the resources utilized.

Partner with us for a seamless and secure Dropbox to Google Workspace migration with 100% data replication and no disruption to business continuity.

Reach out to our data migration team for more information.

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