Is your company planning to migrate from Dropbox to Google Shared Drives? If so, CloudFuze can help your IT team speed up and automate the migration, ultimately helping your company save a lot of time and money. 

Remember, not many migration companies support Dropbox to Google Shared Drive migration. CloudFuze is the leading migration tool that only helps companies migrate from Dropbox to Google Shared Drive (besides Google Drive). 

If you are an IT admin or manager exploring a tool like CloudFuze, please read the rest of the article. 

Alternatively, you can contact our migration team for a personalized demo or price quote.

Our Dropbox to Google Shared Drive Migration Features

As told earlier, CloudFuze is a comprehensive Dropbox to Google Shared Drive migration solution and designed to transfer files, sharing permissions, versions, metadata, and more. The following are the migration features that our tool supports.

Platform Migrations

Features Available
One-time migration Yes
Delta migration Yes
Root folder Permissions migration Yes
Root file Permissions migration Yes
Sub-folder permissions migration Yes
External Shares migration Yes
Shared Links migration Yes
Version history migration Yes
Selective versions migration Yes
Metadata migration Yes
In-line comment migration yes
Long-file name conversion Yes
Special characters conversion Yes

How Are Permissions Migrated From Dropbox to Google Shared Drive

Dropbox Permissions Permissions in Google Shared Drive After Migration
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Migration Steps for Dropbox to Google Shared Drive(Business)

The following are the steps that show how our migration tool transfers data from Dropbox to Google Shared Drives.

 Migration prerequisites 

  1. A CloudFuze Account
  2. Dropbox admin login credentials
  3. Google Shared Drive admin login credentials

Please note that our monthly subscription plans don’t apply for business migration. Please reach out to us with your migration needs for a demo or a customized quote.

Step 1: Log in to

Go to Create or log into your account from there. CloudFuze offers a limited free trial to test the service. As a business user, you can reach out to CloudFuze requesting an enterprise trial with more features.

Login Credentials

Step 2: Add Dropbox Business Account to CloudFuze

Click on the Dropbox logo that you can find in the business clouds section. Since it, a business migration, don’t add Dropbox from the personal clouds list.

Locate Dropbox Icon

Step 3: Authorize Dropbox Business Account

Enter your Dropbox account’s admin login credentials in the popup window and click on the Sign-in button. By doing so, you are providing needed access for CloudFuze to transfer files.

Dropbox Credentials

Step 4: Add Shared Drive Account

Click on the Google Shared Drive logo in the business clouds list.

Locate Google Shared Drive

Step 5: Authorize Google Shared Drive

Enter your Google Shared Drive admin login credentials in the popup and click on the Next button.

Enter Google Shared Drive credentials

Step 6: All CloudFuze to Access Your Account

Click on the Allow button to finish adding the Shared Drive account to CloudFuze. Please keep in mind that CloudFuze uses OAuth protocol to access your account via API calls. No human will be able to access your data during the migration.

Access to Google Shared Drive

Step 7:  Verify Cloud Addition Process

Quickly, click on the Clouds icon in the left menu bar. Once clicked, now go to the Manage Clouds tab. There, you should be able to see both Dropbox and Shared Drive being added here.

Verify Dropbox business to Google Shared Drive

Step 8: Click on the Team Migration Icon

To start the migration, click on the Team Migration icon. Note that you need to configure a few settings before the actual migration begins.

Click on Team Migration

Step 9: Select Source and Destination Cloud Accounts

Select Dropbox as the source cloud and Google Shared Drive as the destination. You need to be cautious while choosing source and cloud to ensure you are transferring files from Dropbox to Shared Drive and not the other way around.

Select Dropbox as source and Google Shared Drive as Destination

Step 10: Upload User Mapping CSV File

You need to create a CSV file with a specific format to match users in the source and destination clouds. Much of this work is guided or taken by the CloudFuze support team.

Upload CSV Files

Step 11: Creating the CSV File

  • Enter the source user email
  • Enter source path
  • Enter destination user email
  • Enter the destination path

Create Excel sheet

Step 12: Allow CloudFuze to Validate the CSV File

Once uploaded, CloudFuze takes a few moments to read and validate the CSV file. If there are any mistakes in the CSV format, CloudFuze returns an error.

CSV File Validation

Step 13: Download the CSV

Download the CSV and  select the file and click on the Next button for further Migration

Download CSV

Step 14: Configure Migration 

Choose a name for migration and select other preferences based on your migration needs. Once done, click on the Next button.

Configure miragtion

Step 15: Preview and Confirm the Migration

Click on the Start Migration button if everything looks good.

preview and confirm Migration

Step 16: Migration Is In Progress

This status indicates that the migration in progress. Keep in mind that business users of CloudFuze are entitled to receiving detailed daily migration reports from the migration managers.

Dropbox business to Google Shared Drive In Progress

Step 17:  Dropbox Business to Google Shared Drive Migration Has Been Completed

Once migration is completed, the status will show as Processed. You can download the migration report and check the list of all files and folders transferred.

Dropbox business to Google Shared Drive Completed

Dropbox to Google Shared Drive Migration FAQ

1. What is the maximum size of data we transfer using CloudFuze?

You can transfer an unlimited size of data and an unlimited number of users. CloudFuze has helped many companies transfer several TBs and PBs of data without a problem. 

2. How much does the tool cost?

The pricing depends on the number of users and the size of the data you are planning to migrate.

3. How secure is CloudFuze platform?

CloudFuze is very secure. The platform is trusted by some of the biggest enterprises in the world and government agencies in the USA.

4. Does CloudFuze support Dropbox to Google Drive migration?

Yes, in addition to Dropbox to Google Shared Drives, CloudFuze also supports Dropbox to Google Drive migration. 

5. How do I get started?

Please share your migration needs with us. Contact us today.

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