Business Checklist to Move Box to OneDrive with Optimum Security

box to onedrive migration

Security matters a lot when it comes to migrating business data from Box to OneDrive or from any source to the destination cloud. Since ensuring the best security during Box to OneDrive migration involves a lot of tasks, businesses and their IT teams need a proper checklist to ensure nothing is missed.

This checklist covers all the needle movers to ensure optimum security during the migration.

1. Use a Secure Authentication Protocol

Authenticating the source and destination cloud (Box and OneDrive, in this case) is a basic step. However, it is crucial to ensure a high level of security during authentication to protect the user accounts and their data.

It is best to use industry-leading authentication protocols such as OAuth to ensure secure authentication of clouds during the cloud addition process of the migration project.
CloudFuze uses OAuth 2.0, the latest version of OAuth, for accessing Box and OneDrive APIs securely and for communication. Learn more about CloudFuze’s Security.

2. Choose Data Transfer Through API Calls

One of the core factors that help ensure a high level of security during migration is to use of API calls for the data transfer process. Using APIs to access data instead of direct access helps lower the risk of data/information leaks.
CloudFuze transfers users and data entirely using API calls. Our managed migration team uses official APIs from Box and OneDrive to ensure a secure migration. Learn more from them.

3. Have a Risk Management System for API Throttling

Although using API calls for copying Box to OneDrive is the most secure step, it has its limitations. The main limitation is the throttling of the APIs when large streams of data are transferred. API throttling slows down the data transfer process, which, in turn, delays the entire migration project.
However, it is possible to lower the risk of API throttling with two approaches:

  • Segregating the migration into several batches to avoid transferring the entire Box users and data at a single go
  • Slowing down the migration speed to adhere to the data read/write limitations of Box and OneDrive APIs

CloudFuze X-Change has a built-in feature to detect if the API of the source or destination cloud is reaching a throttling point. The feature then temporarily slows down the data transfer speed to prevent the APIs from throttling.

4. Ensure Proper Sanity Test of Migration Servers

Businesses of all sizes must take proper security measures at the hardware level as well. And one of the most critical tasks to perform at the hardware level is to ensure proper sanity testing of the servers before starting the migration.

Our managed migration teams perform thorough sanity testing of the enterprise servers for every migration project.

5. Choose Encrypted Storage of Authorization Information

Every migration tool needs to store different types of authorization information, such as passwords, access tokens, and keys, for smooth authorization and API access. Therefore, companies must ensure that the storage of authorization information is securely encrypted.

CloudFuze stores authorization information on highly secure internal servers with zero access to outside parties.

6. Ensure Encryption of Data During the Migration

Apart from encrypting authorization information storage, it is also important to ensure secure encryption of data during transit. Businesses must ensure that the data transfer process of every migration batch is protected with strong encryption.

CloudFuze secures every business migration with RSA-2048 encryption to ensure complete protection.

7. Avoid Storage of User Data in the Migration Platform

Unlike storage of authorization information, storage of user data in the migration tool’s server/database can raise significant security risks. It is best to avoid the storage of user data; therefore, businesses must ensure that the security policy of the migration tool covers this.

CloudFuze does not store user data of migration customers in any form to ensure complete transparency in its security practices.

8. Perform Server Cleanup After the Migration

Businesses must make it a priority to have the server (used for the migration project) cleaned up after the entire migration project is completed. This step is crucial to ensuring that the company data is not shared with external networks.

Our managed migration teams clean up every server after the completion of every project as part of performing a thorough post-migration hygiene check.

Learn More About CloudFuze’s Migration Security

Learn more about our technologies and policies to ensure the best migration security practices from our business migration team.

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