5 Reselling Benefits for MSPs to Migrate Box to Office 365

MSPs to Migrate Box to Office 365

Not every company has the resources or an expert IT team to handle its cloud migration requirements. In such cases, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can help them address the existing gap by providing the desired migration service.

MSPs look forward to partnering with a cloud data migration company that offers them the best reselling benefits and holistic growth.

If you are an MSP, check out this blog to know how you can benefit from reselling CloudFuze’s service for Box to Office 365 migration.

1.Volume Discounts or Special Pricing

When an MSP charges a very high fee for a specific migration service, it becomes challenging to land a customer. It is because not every company can afford the MSP’s hefty migration charges. At the same time, setting a very low price would not be profitable for the MSP.

Therefore to achieve a reasonable profit, MSPs should get the migration license and services at special pricing or volume discounts from the migration vendor. It will create a win-win situation for both the MSPs and their customers.

CloudFuze’s MSP partner program enables you to resell Box to Office 365 migration service at a discounted price based on the data volume.

2. Scope for Long-term Partnership

Partnering with a cloud migration vendor is not a one-time activity for MSPs. Since it involves recurrent association with the cloud migration vendor to meet customer needs, it is ideal for maintaining long-term partnerships.

CloudFuze provides its MSPs with long-term licensing of the cloud migration tool to migrate Box to Office 365 (and many other cloud combinations). The long-term licensing eliminates the need for a per project-based higher licensing cost incurred by MSPs for each migration.

CloudFuze provides considerable cost benefits through this long-term licensing advantage and an enduring association with its MSPs of all sizes and locations.

3. White Glove Service to Help Internal IT teams Offload the Migration Tasks

When an MSP plans to migrate data from Box to Office 365, its internal IT team requires time and effort to pull off a seamless migration. But in many cases, the IT team might already be occupied with another ongoing task leaving no bandwidth to accommodate new migration projects.

CloudFuze provides white glove service for Box to Office 365 migration with the help of a dedicated managed migration team. It helps provide customized cloud data migration services to match the MSP’s customer requirements. In addition, CloudFuze undertakes the full migration responsibility with precision and full attention, allowing the MSP IT teams to focus on other critical tasks, such as change management.White Glove Service to Help Internal IT teams Offload the Migration Tasks

4. Catering to Multiple Customer Migration Projects

When any MSP offers the Box to Office 365 migration service to only one customer, it becomes challenging to meet the licensing cost. With CloudFuze’s MSP partnership program, you can simultaneously cater to multiple customer projects for a single consolidated migration tool license.
It helps MSPs lower license costs for each customer and offers a better service reselling margin.

5. Increase Customer Trust by Delivering Better Migration Solutions

The key to long-term relationships for MSPs is by developing customer trust. Partnering with a renowned data migration vendor like CloudFuze helps MSPs offer better cloud migration solutions to their customers.

Through CloudFuze’s managed migration, an MSP can provide tailor-made modifications to the Box to Office 365 migration tool to cater to the specific business needs of its customer. Better service results in establishing an enduring customer partnership for the MSP.

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