Transfer Box Files to OneDrive & Focus on Change Management

 Box Files to OneDrive

When executing a Box to OneDrive migration project, what will your company’s internal teams focus on? The migration project or change management?

Since your internal teams already know your company’s entire internal structure and business outlook intricately, it is best that they focus on streamlining the change management efforts. And doing this becomes possible only if there is a proper structure for the seamless progress of the migration project.

CloudFuze’s managed migration service offers complete handholding and makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to accelerate their change management processes in transitioning to Microsoft 365.

Explore this post to learn how CloudFuze’s managed migration service frees companies from many migration aspects, which helps them have more bandwidth for change management.

Market-leading Tool Capabilities Offer IT Teams More Bandwidth for Change Management

Since our migration tool, CloudFuze X-Change has created success stories for global companies with market-leading capabilities. Your IT team does not have to scrutinize the tool. This, in turn, saves them time to accelerate their change management efforts.

This CloudFuze X-Change Gartner Review highlights how the tool frees businesses from the migration process scrutiny and saves them time that they can dedicate to change management.

CloudFuze Gartner Review

End-to-End Support in Planning and Execution

Getting actively involved in the migration processes, such as mapping user accounts from Box to SharePoint and OneDrive, takes up a lot of time for IT teams. However, our managed migration service handholds businesses in every aspect of the project with deep expertise.

Gartner Review of CloudFuze X-Change migration tool

The complete handholding, right from the planning to the execution stage, has benefited many of our customers in focusing on the many aspects of change management, including:

  • Onboarding and training end-users to use Microsoft 365
  • Preparing and structuring company-wide administration in Microsoft 365
  • Preparing Sites in SharePoint Online

Extensive Reporting Offers a 360° View of the Migration

The need to check multiple areas as part of keeping track of the migration progress can increase the workload of the IT teams, distracting them from ensuring business continuity in the destination cloud through various change management efforts.

But with our comprehensive migration reports, the process becomes simple. Your IT team does not have to painstakingly check multiple areas as our reports include all the details that offer a 360° view of the migration progress.

Comprehensive data migration reports from CloudFuze

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