5 Best Practices to Successfully Migrate to Google Drive From Box

Migrate to Google Drive From Box

Businesses are migrating to Google Drive from Box for various reasons. In addition to cost savings, Google Drive provides businesses with increased business agility, better productivity, and operational resilience.

But the main objective when moving from Box to Google Drive is to make sure that your data transfer happens as smoothly as possible. Therefore, you must have a proven migration strategy in place and plan for resolving any potential issues that may arise.

The article focuses on the best practices that can help organizations successfully migrate from Box to Google Drive.

1. Plan Your Migration Beforehand

A proper data migration plan makes your transfer from Box to Google Drive a breeze. You should identify all the users and data that must be transferred from Box and the preferred location in Google Drive.

When your data migration is in process, it can be challenging to make changes. As a result, investing a substantial amount of time in planning phases is necessary to ensure everything is well planned.

2. Migrate All the Data Features

You might know that Box offers many features besides storing data to make collaboration easier for employees. For example, it includes permissions, version history, in-line comments, timestamps, embedded links, shared links, and external shares.

To retain the collaboration between the team members and external partners, companies must ensure that they migrate data without missing any of these features.

The CloudFuze’s Box to Google Drive migration tool allows its customers to choose the features they want to copy from Box to Google Drive along with the data.

migration options dropbox to google drive

3. Ensure You Map User Permissions Accurately

While the data migration process involves several steps, creating mappings between Box and Google Drive accounts is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks. At this step, incorrect mappings can significantly impact the accuracy of data, leading to the failure of the migration project.

An alternative to accurately map and migrate data from Box to Google Drive is choosing a migration tool with automated features.

CloudFuze automatically maps all users when moving content to guarantee that all permissions and other features are copied and migrated to the right people.

4. Perform Delta Migration

End users make changes to the data in the source cloud when the migration is in the process until the new environment goes live. So, you must use the delta migration solution if you have large volumes of data that have been changed during the migration process. A delta migration only migrates changes made in the source cloud to the target cloud since the last migration initiated.

CloudFuze delta migration feature automatically finds the new changes/content added to your Box cloud and migrates it to Google Drive, eliminating the possibility of duplicates.

5. Perform Continuous Monitoring

It is considered the best practice to monitor the migration process continuously. Keeping track of all data moving from Box to Google Drive, handling issues, and monitoring performance help to achieve the end goal of a successful Google Drive migration.

The data migration should be regularly monitored and tested throughout the process. But you might be wondering how to track the status? how often to check your migration progress? And how to resolve the issues?

Migration experts at CloudFuze monitor the project on your behalf and immediately resolve any technical errors/issues that might occur during the migration. Contact our support team, which is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

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