How to Move Files Between Google Drive and OneDrive Accounts?

Google Drive to OneDrive

This article discusses single-user (personal/non-business) Google Drive to OneDrive migration. If you are an IT admin or business user, please refer Google Drive to OneDrive for Business Migration.

CloudFuze has made it easy to move files from Google Drive to OneDrive accounts. CloudFuze synchronizes your Google Drive and OneDrive accounts on its platform and keeps them ready for file migration anytime you want. You can transfer or copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive without exhausting your internet bandwidth. All you need to do to move files between Google Drive and OneDrive accounts is to create a CloudFuze account subscribe to a plan. 

Continue reading to find out the steps to easy Google Drive and OneDrive accounts.

Step 1: Create a CloudFuze Account

Go to and create an account. CloudFuze offers a limited free trial to test the service. If you already have an account, log in using your account credentials.

Signin to Webapp

Step 2: Add Your Google Drive Account

You need to add your Google Drive account to CloudFuze to make it ready for the migration. Click on the Google Drive logo listed in the personal clouds to do it.

Locate Google drive

Step 3: Enter Google Drive Account Details

Now, enter the account details of your Google Drive account and click on the Next button. Please keep in mind that your account and data is safe. CloudFuze uses OAuth protocol to access your account information and is incapable of storing your password or data.

Google credentials

Step 4: Click on the Allow Button

Click on the allow button to complete the authorization process. 

Allow Google Drive

Step 5: Add OneDrive Account

You now need to add OneDrive account like how you added Google Drive. 

Step 6: Click on the OneDrive Logo

Click on the OneDrive logo that you can see in the personal clouds list. Enter your OneDrive account

One drive credentials

Step 7: Verify Whether Clouds Added

Now, click on the Clouds icon in the web app’s navigation menu. Go to the Manage Clouds tab. Both Google Drive and OneDrive accounts should be visible here. If you find one or both clouds missing, you need to add them again using the steps given above.

Added Clouds

Step 8: Start the Migration

Click on the Migrate icon in the web app’s navigational menu. 

Step 9:  Select Source and Destination Cloud Accounts

Select Google Drive as the source and OneDrive as the destination account. Please be cautious while selecting source and destination cloud accounts to ensure that you are transferring files from Google Drive to OneDrive and not the other way.

Select clouds

Step 10:  Select Files You Want to Migrate

CloudFuze supports full content migration from your Google Drive to OneDrive account. CloudFuze also allows users to migrate specific content of their choice. Choose what files or folders you want to migrate and click on the Migrate button.

Select files

Step 11: Confirm Migration

Preview your migration options one final time and then click on the Confirm Migration button.

Confirm Migration

Step 12: Migration in Progress

During the file migration process, CloudFuze displays the status as In-Progress. You can even cancel the migration.

Step 13 : Migration Has Been Completed

That’s it! The selected files have been migrated from Google Drive to OneDrive.

Start Migration Now

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