How To Migrate Google Drive Files to OneDrive Within a Short Deadline

Migrate Google Drive Files to OneDrive

Not all IT teams have the luxury to take sufficient time to plan and execute the migration. Having served businesses of all sizes and industries, we, at CloudFuze, know what it means for IT/management teams to migrate swiftly.

The points we have listed below can help you migrate Google Drive files to OneDrive for your company within a short deadline.

You can also check out our Google Drive to OneDrive migration guide to get more clarity on all steps involved.

1. Plan For a Lift-and-Shift Migration

A great way to make the most out of the migration is to use it as an opportunity to restructure the file/folder/user account hierarchy and the overall workflow in the destination cloud.

But if your company or your IT team has entered crunch time and needs to migrate Google Drive files to OneDrive within the shortest time possible, lift-and-shift migration works the best.

In a lift-and-shift migration, you replicate the Google Drive data structure in OneDrive and save time by avoiding re-arrangements.

2. Sort User Accounts and Data After the Migration

As part of taking a lift-and-shift migration approach, we recommend sorting user accounts and data after the migration is completed.

Although this process isn’t the most ideal, it will save you time by setting the migration in motion within the shortest time after the onboarding process.

We recommend taking this same approach if your company also plans to move Google Drive to SharePoint Online.

3. Prioritize Lightweight T&Cs

When planning to transfer Google Drive to OneDrive within a short deadline, you may overlook the importance of optimizing onboarding processes, which can take much time.

And to make the onboarding phase quick and hassle-free, prioritize lightweight terms and conditions which your company can quickly amend to make them meet theirs.

4. Get Legal Teams to Work Together

Like T&Cs, legal processes can take much time and make the onboarding phase longer. So, it’s best to get both parties’ legal teams (your company’s and the migration service provider’s) to work together.

Our migration team can help you get more clarity on all the onboarding processes and shorten your migration project.

5. Get Regular Migration Reports

One of the commonly overlooked areas that can extend the migration project significantly is delayed response to issues. For example, if some files have gone into conflict when migrating data from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business, it’s crucial to identify them quickly and resolve them.

And a proven way to do this is to get regular migration update reports. Make it a routine to check every migration report to ensure you aren’t skipping on any issue that needs to be addressed.

6. Complete Incremental Syncs All at Once

After the migration is completed, make sure to transfer all the incremental changes in a single go, whether you are migrating Google Drive or Google Shared Drives to SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

Taking this approach will save you from the extra time that is required for multiple delta migrations.

But if you need to perform multiple delta migrations or have specific migration requirements, please share your query with our migration team for a quick resolution.

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