Switching From Slack to Microsoft Teams for Business Growth

Slack to Microsoft Teams

What does it really mean for any business to migrate from Slack to Teams for long-term digital transformation growth? Is Microsoft Teams better than Slack in areas that impact businesses the most?

This guide analyses the possibilities for businesses to benefit from Microsoft Teams adoption in several key areas.

Business Growth Through Powerful Collaboration

Both Slack and Teams have productivity-focused collaboration features. However, Microsoft Teams takes it a step further by offering features that drive more user productivity, improving overall company-wide operational efficiency.

1. Industry-Leading Collaboration Features

Businesses can benefit from several collaboration features in Microsoft Teams that are not available elsewhere. For example, Teams allows users to work natively on live files such as Word and Excel in real-time.

Excel sheet collaboration in Microsoft Teams

This feature benefits employees and their teams to collaborate efficiently during video conferences by avoiding the need to switch to a different browser tab or a different app altogether. Apart from native apps, Teams also supports native access for third-party apps across all segments, such as productivity, project management, etc. For example, Adobe has launched a deep PDF integration with Teams which makes it possible for users to collaborate effortlessly on PDFs using the Acrobat viewer.

2. Seamless Integration With Classic and New Microsoft Apps

One of the biggest highlights of Microsoft Teams for businesses looking forward to improving growth with the tool is deep integration with classic as well as new Microsoft apps. Apart from integrating with classic Microsoft apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Teams also integrates with new apps such as OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

Businesses can also significantly improve everyday productivity with Teams’ integration with Microsoft Power Automate. Readily available automation templates, such as sending Teams messages as emails in Outlook, make a significant impact in helping businesses streamline everyday operations for each team.

Business Growth Through Simplified Cloud Administration

The more the number of cloud-based work and collaboration platforms, the more complex and costly it gets to manage all of them.

For example, businesses using standalone cloud storage, such as Box, with Slack for chat and other apps for additional requirements, need to administer all the platforms. And as more IT resources are required for complex administration, the cost of administering all the cloud platforms goes up.

Microsoft 365 houses all the necessary business apps under a single cloud suite ecosystem in consolidated pricing. As a result, businesses can simplify their administration workload and lower day-to-day IT management costs.

Business Growth Through Reduced Cloud Operations Costs

It makes more sense for businesses (looking forward to lowering operational costs) to pay for a single cloud suite that includes all the necessary apps, including a communication app than paying separately for all standalone apps they need for everyday operations.

Managing cloud operations costs under a single business license of Microsoft 365 is more convenient and affordable than renewing the annual license of a multitude of apps.

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