How Enterprises Switch from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace

Making the switch from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace is a different ballgame for large enterprises considering the complexity of data and sharing structure involved. The broader the scope of migration, the more complex the journey can get.

But with our expertise in large-scale and complex cloud office migrations, large-sized enterprises have been able to migrate securely and successfully over the years. In this post, we have drawn from our years of experience and shared how large enterprises tackle the mammoth task of moving petabytes of data and a high volume of users from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace.

Tackling one Migration Combination at a Time

If you are representing an enterprise organization that has a lot of users and data to migrate from various apps in Microsoft 365 to their alternatives in Google Workspace, the first best practice we recommend is to segregate the combinations and work on them one at a time.

You can categorize and segregate them as:

  • Content migration (files and folders)
  • Email migration
  • Chat messages migration

Aim for Accurate Replication

Even a single user’s access to a file/folder matter when it comes to making the cloud office switch as smooth and seamless as possible. And to do this, replication is key. Make sure that your IT team works with migration solutions that can replicate the file/folder permissions, access levels, hierarchy, and all metadata.

By ensuring complete replication with our Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace migration solutions, we at CloudFuze, have created migration success for many large enterprises.

From replicating files and folders to preserving sharing permissions and metadata, our migration solutions can enable your team to ensure complete mirroring of Microsoft 365 data and sharing structure in Google Workspace.

Security at the Forefront

Security tops the list of priorities for all large enterprises switching from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace. Right from the get-go, security should be the highest priority in all the migration stages, including:

  • Cloud authentication
  • User mapping
  • Password protected reporting
  • Encryption of data in transit
  • Secure validation

From using secure protocols such as OAuth-based authentication to maintaining proper communication throughout the migration project, our migration team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maximum protection of enterprise data.

Thorough Validation

It is only through proper validation that it becomes possible to verify the accuracy and completeness of the migration. Large enterprises put painstaking effort into validating the migration of each user pair.

We can help streamline the otherwise complex process of validation with our detailed migration reports. With complete breakdown of the migration status of each user, your team can effortlessly validate the migration of all user batches.

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