Strategy To Migrate OneDrive to Google Drive For Business ROI

Have you decided to move files from OneDrive to Google Drive to meet your business goals? If your team is in the planning stage, check out this blog explaining why an organization must have a migration strategy and what points you must consider in it for business ROI.

Why Is It Essential to Have a Solid Migration Strategy in Place When You Transfer Onedrive to Google Drive?

There are several ways a cloud data migration strategy can help a business during the migration process from OneDrive to Google Drive. Some of them are listed below.

  • Minimizing downtime
  • Improved security
  • Cost savings
  • Risk mitigation

A clear and fitting strategy helps an organization meet its migration goals effectively and gain business ROI on cloud spend.

Strategy to Migrate Onedrive to Google Drive

Conduct a Pre-migration Assessment

When strategizing OneDrive to Google Drive migration, consider conducting a pre-migration assessment as the initial step.

  • Analyze the source cloud data to understand the required data files, the existing structure, data volume, and dependencies between the data. After analyzing the source data get clarity on taking a granular approach during the migration.
  • Decide whether to migrate all or particular users when you move files from OneDrive to Google Drive. Your company may not necessarily need to transfer all the user account data. In such cases, moving selective user data reduces the migration timeline and is easier to validate. You can create custom user mapping from source to target through a CSV file, auto-mapping, or user folder mapping between the two clouds.
  • Finalize which file features you have to migrate from OneDrive to Google Drive. Choose from among the various attributes like timestamp, version history, file permissions, shared and external links, etc.
  • Conduct a pilot migration or POC to analyze the migration results, like migration speed, target data, source, and target cloud authentication.

Understand Google Drive API Throttling Limits

When you move from OneDrive to Google Drive, you must be prepared to handle unfavorable conditions and issues during the migration. For example, in Google Drive cloud migration, you can transfer up to 750 GB of data daily with a maximum individual file size of 5 TB. Beyond this limit, the APIs can throttle and significantly slow the migration speed.

Before kickstarting the migration, you must know the API throttling limit in both OneDrive and Google Drive and have a strategy to understand how to handle such situations.

Planning Whether to Decommission the OneDrive Environment Post-migration

After you successfully transfer OneDrive to Google Drive, you must strategize and plan whether you would like to continue using the source cloud at a minimal plan to archive data or completely decommission it to cut down on the recurring licensing cost.

Choose a Flexible Licensing Model

Fixed licensing models might not be suitable for all migration scenarios. Some migration projects require flexible plans that accommodate unique requirements for the process. Choosing the right migration partner like CloudFuze is, therefore, very crucial to support a flexible licensing model.

Post-migration validation

It is essential to have a strategy in place to handle post-migration validation when you transfer OneDrive to Google Drive. It helps to cross-verify if the data has successfully been migrated and is functioning as expected in the new environment, Google Drive.

Communication and Training on the Destination Cloud

Effective communication and training on the destination cloud are important during cloud-to-cloud data migration. It can familiarize users with the new environment, ensure consistency, promote collaboration, encourage adoption, and address security and compliance requirements.

Train your employees to use the Google Drive platform and become comfortable with its user interface and components by planning it ahead of the migration.

Contact our experienced migration team for a solid strategy to help in a smooth and successful migration from OneDrive to Google Drive and help gain a good business ROI.

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