Pre-Assessment for OneDrive for Business to G Suite Migration

The level and intricacy of pre-assessment determines the overall migration roadmap planning. Therefore, businesses planning OneDrive for Business to G Suite migration must perform an extensive pre-migration analysis to streamline all the migration processes.

This brief guide is designed to help IT managers, admins, and teams gain actionable insights into performing a proper pre-migration assessment.

1. Analyze the Source Cloud Data

The first important pre-migration analysis step for businesses of all sizes is to analyze the structure of the data in the source cloud (OneDrive for Business). Performing an extensive analysis helps your IT team get clarity on the data structure and take a granular approach in deciding what to migrate.

It also helps your IT team understand the shared data structure to plan the roadmap for SharePoint Online to Google Drive migration.

Understanding the source cloud data structure further helps your IT team and the management understand whether the current collaboration structure drives optimum results.

2. Assess the User Account Mapping List

Many companies overlook the importance of carefully assessing the user account mapping list they prepare. By going through the finalized list, your IT team can check and get more clarity on several areas, such as:

  • Identifying orphaned user accounts that are no longer needed
  • Understanding whether delta migration is necessary for all user accounts
  • Learning whether data of one user account needs to be cross transferred to another

Gaining an intricate level of understanding in these areas will further help your IT team optimize the workload for the migration project and save more time and cost.

3. Choose the Features To Migrate

It is only by migrating features such as permissions and timestamps that businesses of all sizes can replicate the current collaboration (of the source cloud) in the destination. For example, transferring sharing permissions from OneDrive to Google Drive eliminates end-users hassle of resharing the migrated data.

Some of the mission-critical features to migrate include:

  • Root and inner folder permissions
  • Root and inner file permissions
  • Timestamps
  • Shared links
  • External shares
  • File versions

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4. Perform a Pilot Migration or a POC and Analyze the Results

The next needle mover for the pre-migration assessment stage is to coordinate with the migration partner to schedule a pilot or POC migration, perform the trial run, and analyze the results. Here are some of the factors to consider to make the most out of the pilot or POC migration and understand the migration tool functionality in a detailed way:

  • Choose a couple of user accounts and a certain GB of data to emulate the actual migration
  • Choose a couple of features, such as sharing permissions, to learn about the tool’s capabilities
  • Use the actual admin login credentials to understand how the clouds are authenticated
  • Use the actual admin login credentials to understand how the clouds are authenticated

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5. Plan and Evaluate the Migration Timeline

A significant part of making the most out of the pre-migration assessment stage is also about planning a strategic migration timeline and evaluating it. Some of the crucial factors to consider when planning a migration timeline include:

  • Performing a trial migration and validating it
  • Finalizing the user account CSV mapping and validating it
  • Segregating the entire user accounts and data into several batches
  • The number of delta migrations needed
  • Assistance needed in onboarding Google Workspace and decommissioning OneDrive

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