Slack vs. Google Chat: A Detailed Comparison for Businesses

Slack and Google Chat are the most popular choices for modern workplace communication platforms. Both platforms offer a variety of features designed to streamline collaboration, improve communication, and enhance team productivity. However, they have distinct differences that might influence your decision on which one to choose  

This article will look in-depth at Slack vs. Google Chat, comparing their features to help businesses make informed decisions when migrating from Slack to Google Chat.

1. Slack vs. Google Chat: Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing structures, Google Chat holds an edge over Slack. If you’re already a user of Google Workspace, Google Chat comes at no additional cost.  

Conversely, Slack offers both a free and a premium plan. While the free plan has certain limitations, opting for the paid plan grants access to a broader array of features. 

Slack Google Chat
Free $0 per user/month Business Starter $6 USD per user/month
Pro $7.25 per user/month Business Standard $12 USD per user/month
Business Plus $12.50 per user/month Business Plus $18 USD per user/month
Enterprise Grid Contact sales team Enterprise Contact sales team

2. Slack vs. Google Chat: Integrations

Google Chat comes integrated with Google Workspace apps (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Chat, Meet, etc.,) and other third-party tools, removing the need to pay for additional apps. Besides, Slack paid plans to offer integration with 1000+ apps. 

Google Workspace Applications

Businesses already utilizing various Google Workspace apps in their daily operations will experience significant advantages through the integration that Google Chat offers with these applications.

3. Slack vs. Google Chat: Audio and Video Conferencing

Although Slack provides in-built video call functionality, Google Chat excels by seamlessly integrating with Google Meet, a robust enterprise-level video conferencing platform. Google Meet has various features, including real-time document editing, live text chat, and effortless screen sharing.  

Slack’s free edition includes unlimited one-on-one voice and video chats. Upgrading to a subscription plan allows you to make group audio and video meetings with up to 50 people. However, Google Workspace’s basic plan allows for meetings with up to 100 people, which can be upgraded to 250 participants. As a result, Google Workspace is recommended for enterprises with large teams. 

4. Slack vs. Google Chat: Support

Slack and Google Chat include a standard support system in their free plans, though paid plans offer better support.  

For example, Google Chat’s Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise plans include Enhanced Support, while Slack’s Pro paid plan grants 24/7 support.   

Slack’s Business+ plan also features 24/7 support with a guaranteed 4-hour initial response time and an SLA (Service Level Agreement) ensuring 99.99% uptime. With both platforms, users receive effective support to ensure seamless communication. 

5. Slack vs. Google Chat: Security

Slack and Google Chat come with various security measures to keep your data safe. In addition to encrypting data in transit and at rest, these apps incorporate comprehensive compliance and assurance systems.

To boost security, you can utilize single sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication with both apps.

Google Chat undergoes third-party audits as part of Google Workspace. Some key standards they are audited against include SOC 2, SOC 3, and ISO/IEC.

Slack also undergoes audits against several compliance and assurance programs, including SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO/IEC 27001, and more. Thus, both win the game when it comes to security.  


In the comparison between Slack and Google Chat, determining a definitive winner proves challenging. Slack suits businesses requiring seamless workplace chat with third-party integrations, while Google Chat is ideal for teams relying heavily on Google’s suite of productivity apps.

In conclusion, Slack and Google Chat offer robust communication and collaboration features, each catering to different teams and preferences. Evaluate your team’s requirements, integration needs, and familiarity with the respective ecosystems to make the best choice for your organization’s communication needs.

If you are a Slack user and have a Google Workspace subscription, then migrating from Slack to Google Chat benefits your business by saving costs and enhancing collaboration and productivity. Contact CloudFuze experts to learn how to successfully transfer all the users and chat from Slack to Google Chat.

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