1. Introduction

Transferring all data and conversations from Slack to Google Chat is a complex undertaking that requires careful planning and execution. Businesses must ensure that all the Slack Workspace data, including direct messages, channels (private and public), emojis, timestamps, mentions, replies, attachments, etc., are migrated to Google Chat accurately. As a result, it is crucial to choose a tool that performs the Slack to GChat migration smoothly while meeting business requirements.

With over a decade of successful cloud migrations for Enterprises and SMBs, including Slack to Microsoft Teams expertise, CloudFuze excels in tailoring Slack to Google Chat migrations to business needs.

This guide serves as a reliable resource for IT admins and MSPs embarking on the migration journey from Slack to Google Chat. It offers valuable insights and strategies to ensure a smooth and effective transition.

2. Why Migrate from Slack to Google Chat?

Migrating from Slack to Google Chat offers numerous benefits to enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and improve organizational communication.

While both Slack and Google Chat facilitate seamless communication among team members, a comparison between these platforms, Slack vs Google Chat, reveals significant differences in their respective features and functionalities. Some of the reasons why organizations consider making the switch from Slack to GChat include:

  • Integration with other Google Workspace apps, creating a unified workspace
  • Centralized collaboration
  • Cost-efficient
  • Streamlined user management
  • Enhanced security
  • Effective data retention policies and compliance features

3. Challenges of migrating from Slack to Google Chat

Migrating from Slack to Google Chat presents significant challenges that IT Admins and MSPs must navigate to ensure a seamless transition. Some of the key challenges associated with this migration are as follows:

  • Mapping user’s chat accurately
  • Migrating all the direct messages
  • Migrating public and private channel conversations
  • Migrating all the Slack features such as emojis, threaded messages, files, etc.
  • Migrating incremental changes

CloudFuze facilitates data migration from Slack to Google Chat, guaranteeing zero data loss, minimal disruption, and comprehensive data security measures. By working with our experienced migration experts, organizations can navigate the complexities of the migration process, fostering a successful adoption of Google Chat.

4. Steps to Migrate from Slack to Google Chat

1. Log in to CloudFuze

Go to webapp.cloudfuze.com and create a CloudFuze account. You can contact our migration team for a live demo or quote.

CloudFuze Webapp

2. Add Your Slack Account to Cloudfuze

Locate the Slack logo in the business clouds list and click on it. A popup will appear where you need to enter Slack account details.

Add Your Slack Account to Cloudfuze

3. Enter Slack Login Credentials

Enter your company’s Slack login details and click on the Sign-in button.

Slack Credentials

4. Provide Access to CloudFuze

Click on the Allow button to provide access to CloudFuze.

Provide Access to CloudFuze

5. Add Google Chat to CloudFuze

Click on the Google Chat logo that you can see in the business clouds list and enter the credentials.

Add Google Chat to CloudFuze

6. Verify Whether Slacks and Google Chat Are Added

Click the Manage Clouds tab to check if Slack and Google Chat accounts are successfully added.

Verify Whether Slacks and Google Chat Are Added

7. Select Source and Destination

Click on the Slack migration tab in the navigational menu on the left. Since it is a Slack to Google Chat migration, we must select Slack as a source and Google Chat as the destination.

Select Source and Destination

8. Run Pre-Migration

After selecting the source and destination clouds, click the Run Pre-Migration button.

Run Pre-Migration

The tool analyzes your source cloud, i.e., Slack, and fetches all the details, such as the number of users, channels, direct messages, and total messages of a Slack Workspace.

Run Pre-Migration

9. Select Users to Migrate

CloudFuze’s Slack to Google Chat migration solution maps users automatically based on their email addresses. IT admins can choose CSV mapping to map source and destination users as required if there are any changes in the email addresses.

Select Users to Migrate

10. Select Channels to Migrate

CloudFuze pulls and displays all the public and private channels of Slack Workspace. Select the channels you want to migrate to and click the “Start Migration” button.

Select Channels to Migrate

11. Migration Has Been Completed Successfully

Go to Reports and check for the status of the migration. The status will be displayed as In Progress during the chat migration process. Once the migration is completed, the status will be changed to Processed from In Progress.

Migration Has Been Completed Successfully

Start Migration Now

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