Move Slack to MS Teams for Data Governance in Microsoft 365

Move Slack to MS Teams for Data

When leveraging the cloud-first approach to improve business processes and reinforce your organization for scalability, it is critical to have a proper data governance set up in the cloud office environment. Streamlined data governance serves as a strong base for all the efficient processes that your teams plan to have in place.

Setting up data governance with a Slack to Teams migration is not a migrate-and-fix step but rather a set of approaches that involve optimizing the migration through an extensive pre-migration analysis to move from Slack in strategic ways.

Here are some of the strategies to move Slack to MS Teams for establishing proper data governance in the Microsoft 365 environment:

Preserving the Structure of the Slack Environment in Teams

The process of setting up proper data governance can become less complex for IT teams when replicating the already established Slack environment in Teams and making changes to it. This saves your IT team from the hassle of structuring data and its usage right from scratch.

Some of the needle movers for replicating Slack structure in Microsoft Teams include:

  • Migrating Slack group messages and DMs (along with metadata)
  • Migrating Slack Public and Private Channels
  • Retaining Slack message threads in the exact order

Migrating Slack Connect to Add Structure to External Sharing

Since external sharing and access management is one of the core aspects of proper data governance, it is critical to migrate external sharing from Slack Connect and preserve them in Microsoft Teams. By ensuring proper preservation of Slack Connect external sharing in Teams, your IT team can work on the existing external sharing structure and make modifications as needed to align it with the new set of data governance polices your organization plans on introducing.

To ensure proper adoption of Slack Connect external messages, merge the Channels into the relevant teams in Microsoft Teams. Our Slack to Teams migration service includes the option to transfer all Slack Connect Channels and messages to Microsoft Teams in strategic ways for various use cases, including data governance.

Migrating Source Cloud Storage’s Data to OneDrive and SharePoint Online

In many cases of structuring cloud data governance, organizations also need to move their source cloud storage’s data apart from migrating messages from Slack. If your company is also planning the same, it is critical to use the pre-planned data governance strategies to inform the overall user account and data migration to Microsoft 365 (OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online).

Some of the approaches to streamline the migration for better data governance in Microsoft 365 include:

  • Having a plan on migrating the user accounts and data entirely or selectively
  • Creating custom mappings for specific SharePoint Online Sites
  • Taking strategic decisions on what file/folder timestamps to preserve

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