Replicate Slack Threads & Timestamps When Migrating to Teams

One of the overlooked yet critical aspects of Slack to Teams migration of any scale is preserving the integrity of Slack messages by retaining Slack threads along with timestamps. However, it is easier said than done for businesses that have a high volume of Slack users and messages to migrate to Microsoft Teams.

Get actionable insights into ensuring accurate replication of Slack message threads and timestamps in Teams via CloudFuze in this brief guide.

Importance of Preserving Slack Threads and Timestamps for Businesses

Time-based sequence plays a critical role in maintaining the flow of communication in messages. Without preserving the timestamps, Slack DMs and group message sequences get shuffled which creates a lot of confusion for the end-users. So, the essence of the migration is lost.

Manual approaches do not work in replicating Slack threads and timestamps, as the original timestamps of Slack DMs and group messages cannot be re-created or manipulated. Therefore, using a manual approach will be a significant waste of IT man-hours.

Businesses planning to ensure an accurate replication of the Slack environment in Microsoft Teams must use a Slack to Teams migration tool like CloudFuze X-Change to preserve Slack message threads and timestamps.

Timestamps Migration and Message Threads Replication in Slack DMs

Preserving the original timestamps of Slacks DMs is not technically possible due to restrictions in Teams. However, CloudFuze has an intelligent way to overcome this. The tool retains the original timestamp of every Slack DM with a “Message Posted” note that includes the details of the original timestamp in a 24-hour format.

Here is an example of Slack DM timestamp migration to Microsoft Teams:

Slack DMs

Microsoft Teams messages

Timestamps Migration and Message Threads Replication in Slack Channels

Unlike Slack DMs, CloudFuze can transfer the original timestamps of messages in Slack Channels in Microsoft Teams. Therefore, a separate prompt for the original timestamps is not required for any Slack Channel message.

Here is an example of Slack Channel message timestamp migration to Microsoft Teams:

Slack Channel messages

Microsoft Teams team messages 

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