Migrate External Members of Slack Channels to Microsoft Teams

It goes without saying that a Slack to Teams migration (of any size) is not without its challenges. And one of the commonly overlooked challenges when migrating Slack Channels to Teams is retaining external members.

We have now launched a new feature in our Slack to Microsoft Teams migration tool that allows you to migrate all the external members of Slack channels to the respective channels in Microsoft Teams. The best part? You can preserve external users of both Public and Private Slack channels.

Slack Channels

Migrate External Users from Public & Private Slack Channels to Teams

This new feature to migrate external members from Slack Channels to Teams is baked into our tool natively. This essentially means that you do not have to take any additional steps to have the external users migrated over to Teams.

Below is a high-level overview of how the feature functions and makes it effortless for your team to add the external channels members to the scope of the migration:

External Users Migration from Public Slack Channel to Teams

In the Channels migration stage on our migration tool, select the Pubic Chanels tab. A list of all the users in the Public Slack channel is displayed along with the external members. An [EXT] tag is displayed alongside the usernames of all the external members to help you identify them.

Migration from Public Slack Channel to Teams

External Users Migration from Private Slack Channel to Teams

Similarly, select the Private channels tab on the Channel mapping stage. Our tool displays all the Private Slack channels and labels all the external members with the [EXT] tag.

 Private Slack Channel to Teams

As part of choosing the user accounts (from both Public and Private channels) to migrate to Microsoft Teams, you either select all or specific user accounts (be it internal or external accounts) with the checkbox option.

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