How to Migrate Everything to OneDrive from Box

In the technology-centric era that we find ourselves relentlessly gravitating towards, cloud storage is fast emerging as a basic necessity for most businesses. Across businesses of various sizes, leading cloud storage providers like Microsoft (OneDrive) and Box have become household names, especially those that deal with massive volumes of data on a regular basis.

From easy access to data and convenience to a high degree of data security, cloud storage providers offer myriad advantages that are quite enticing for organizations across industries. Each organization, however, might have its own unique preferences that are aligned with the nitty gritty it wants out of its provider.

Here’s where data migration becomes essential. Whether it’s better pricing, a higher degree of data safety, or simply better integration with existing office systems, there are multiple reasons an organization might be looking to migrate its data from one cloud storage provider to another.

In this article, let’s delve into how to migrate everything to OneDrive from Box, including the steps involved and a checklist of essentials.

Why Migrate Everything to OneDrive

As part of the Microsoft Suite, OneDrive offers excellent integration opportunities if your office systems already use Microsoft 365. This is beneficial if your workforce uses Microsoft tools like Teams, Excel, and Word on a regular basis, as this migration will make data use much easier and straightforward compared to other data storage providers, encouraging and enhancing real-time collaboration within the workplace.

Microsoft also offers very competitive prices for organizations, which is quite enticing especially when perceived as a product bundle. This makes it a very attractive proposition for organizations that are on a budget, and therefore need cost-effective solutions.

How to Migrate Everything to OneDrive

In order to make this easier to comprehend, let’s break down the process of migrating Box to Microsoft 365 into myriad byte-sized steps.

Evaluate Current Storage

While assessing your current storage option, make sure you identify the data sets and folders you want to transfer. This will not only help you prioritize crucial data that needs to be transferred first but also help you understand the scale of the operation. This, in turn, helps you decide the capacity of the tool you choose, the resources you need to allocate, and the duration the migration process will take.

Choose your Migration Tool

The next step when you migrate from Box to OneDrive, and probably the most significant in the entire process, is shortlisting the cloud migration tool of your choice. Assess various tools across various criteria, such as ease of use, cost-efficiency, and security.

An easy way to do this is to apply the same criteria that you had in terms of picking a cloud storage provider, to picking the migration tool as well. This automatically encompasses how user-friendly the tool is, whether it’s competitively priced etc. Safety and security are the final criteria and probably the most crucial of the lot.

Our migration tool CloudFuze X-Change, for instance, offers a robust migration tool that comes with advanced features, such as advanced compatibility with large volumes of data. It also lets you sync a lot of data sets simultaneously, resulting in a quicker and more cost-effective migration process.

This means you don’t have to dedicate specific resources to individual elements, like migrating Box notes to OneDrive, since the process happens collectively.

Migration Steps

A well-planned process is crucial whilst migrating everything to OneDrive from Box. This helps foster and facilitate a smooth transition, leaving your staff well-equipped to handle the new tool from the get-go.

How do you go about creating this? The first step is having a defined timeline for the process. This will help you decide how many staff, hours, and resources you will need to allocate for the migration.

Next, make sure critical data is backed up securely. This will ensure you have a plan B in case the migration process fails. Another important item on the checklist is to make sure all the employees and stakeholders are informed well in advance, so they can secure their files before the migration starts.

Post-Migration Essentials

Once you’ve completed migrating everything from Box to OneDrive, make sure all the data you wanted has been transferred flawlessly. Any missing datasets and files need to be checked for and corrected right away.

Once you’ve double-checked that you’ve replicated Box in OneDrive, you also need to check if the new storage in OneDrive is accessible, and that the user permissions are distributed accordingly. Some post-migration training for the team might also be in order, as you need to make sure everyone is aware of how to handle the new cloud storage.

It might be prudent to wait for a week or so to decommission your Box account. This gives you some time to train users and retrieve data until you’re sure the migration has been 100% successful. Remember to plan the process exhaustively, as this is crucial to optimizing OneDrive and enhancing overall organizational productivity.

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