Migrate Data From Box to OneDrive With Complete Replication

Migrate Data From Box to OneDrive

Migrating data while ensuring complete replication can be complex and challenging. But prioritizing the entire data transfer from Box to OneDrive enables users to continue their workflows in the new environment seamlessly.

This article will explore the best practices for successfully migrating data from Box to OneDrive with complete replication. By following these practices, IT admins and MSPs can ensure a smooth transition, minimize data loss, and maintain data integrity throughout the migration.

1. Migrate Different File Types Supported in Box

Box supports many file types, including Box Notes, which is cloud-specific. Identifying and migrating all file types from Box to OneDrive in a supported format is crucial to ensure a complete migration.

With CloudFuze, you can transfer any file type from Box to OneDrive and SharePoint, and you can access your files in the following format after migration.

Box File Format OneDrive File Format (After Migration)
.boxnote .docx
.docx .docx
.xlsx .xlsx
.gdoc .docx
.pptx .pptx
.gsheet .xlsx
.pptx .pptx
.gsheet .xlsx
.gslides .pptx
.pages .docx
.key .pptx
.numbers .xlsx

After the migration is completed, verify that each file type is successfully transferred without any data loss or corruption.

2.Preserve all the Metadata During Migration

During the migration process from Box to OneDrive, preserving all the metadata associated with files is crucial. Metadata encompasses various essential attributes, such as permissions, timestamps, version history, embedded links, shared links, and external links.

By accurately preserving the metadata, users can maintain data integrity, accessibility, and collaboration in the new environment after the migration.

3.Migrate all Types of Links Without Breakage

Links within Box can be crucial for collaboration and document sharing. So, it is crucial to migrate these links to OneDrive without any breakage or loss of accessibility.

Evaluate the migration tool’s capabilities to migrate all the links (shared links, external links, and embedded links) accurately to OneDrive. Verify that the migrated links retain their permissions and accessibility, enabling users to access the shared content in the new environment seamlessly.

CloudFuze’s LinkEx tool migrates and preserves all links, ensuring they are functional and do not break in the destination cloud.

4.Migrate Incremental Changes in Box

Incremental changes include new files, modified files, and deleted files in the source cloud since the last migration was initiated.

Choose a tool to detect and migrate these incremental changes from Box to OneDrive. This ensures that the migrated data in OneDrive remains up-to-date and reflects the latest changes made in Box, minimizing data inconsistencies or gaps.

5. Evaluate and Choose the Right Migration Tool

Selecting the right migration tool is critical in ensuring a successful migration from Box to OneDrive. Evaluate different migration tools available in the market based on their features, scalability, performance, and user reviews.

Choose a tool that aligns with your migration requirements and provides comprehensive support throughout the migration process. CloudFuze supports all the features an organization needs to migrate data from Box to OneDrive with complete replication.

  • One-time & delta (incremental) migration
  • Root file and folder permissions migration
  • Sub-folder permissions migration
  • File version history migration
  • Shared links migration
  • External shares migration
  • Box Notes conversion and migration
  • Custom feature development based on your needs
  • Dedicated managed migration support

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