Move Files From Box to OneDrive With External Sharing Intact

Efficient external sharing makes collaboration with clients, partners, and stakeholders seamless. Permissions are critical in data security and privacy, determining who can access, view, and collaborate on shared files. So, organizations planning to move files from Box to OneDrive must prioritize the accurate transfer of external sharing permissions to maximize the benefits of the new cloud platform and avoid potential risks or disruptions in data access and collaboration.

Failing to transfer external sharing permissions during the migration process accurately can result in unauthorized access, data breaches, or data loss. This article helps you understand how to retain external sharing permissions when migrating from Box to OneDrive for Business.

Why Migrate External Shares from Box to OneDrive?

To maintain the collaboration after your Box to OneDrive migration is complete, you will need to reshare folders and files with internal and external users that were shared in Box. It is complex, however, to find who has access to what file in your Box cloud when there are hundreds and thousands of such files.
Choosing a third-party tool like CloudFuze can help you simplify the migration of files and folders from Box to OneDrive while preserving the associated sharing permissions for external and internal users.

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How to Move Files from Box to OneDrive with External Sharing Permissions?

The CloudFuze migration tool automatically transfers internal sharing permissions by mapping the users with their respective email addresses since it almost remains the same in the source and destination clouds. To migrate the external shares with accurate user access or if there are any differences in the source and destination email addresses, you can customize the user mapping through. CSV mapping.

In addition, the CloudFuze platform allows you to customize the migration features by choosing from the options shown in the image below.

External shares
Each cloud has a different URL structure for files and folders. So, when migrating from one cloud to another, it is equally important to ensure that no link is broken and migrated with all the associated permissions.

CloudFuze LinkEx tool migrates all your Box files to OneDrive without breaking their links, and the migration platform allows you to choose the features you want to migrate along with the files.

An Example of External Sharing Permissions Migration from Box to OneDrive

The example below shows how CloudFuze migrates external shares from Box to OneDrive with accurate access.
Let us consider a folder where “Max (Owner)” shares the Box file with external user “Granger. “

Box Externals Shared Folder
Folder permissions to the external user “Granger” is migrated with the same access level, as shown in the image below.

Box access
Migrating external sharing permissions is critical for businesses planning to move from Box to OneDrive. CloudFuze proves to be a great migration tool, simplifying the process and ensuring a seamless transfer of files with all sharing permissions intact.

In addition, CloudFuze’s mapping capabilities, migration features, and real-time monitoring empower organizations to effectively replicate sharing permissions, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring a smooth transition.

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