Migrate Box Files to OneDrive Without Breaking Their Links

When files are migrated from Box to OneDrive, their addresses change, and their links cannot point to the original address, causing the links to break. But IT teams must take precautionary measures to prevent the links from breaking because they can result in lost data, poor user experience, and potential security risks.

Therefore, it is essential to eliminate the risk of broken links during the migration process to maintain data integrity and ensure a seamless user experience.

This blog post describes the significance of preserving links from Box to OneDrive and how the CloudFuze LinkEx tool can help achieve it.

What Happens to Links When Businesses Move Box Files to OneDrive?

Links are essential for enhancing file and folder accessibility and facilitating team collaboration. In cloud platforms like Box or OneDrive, end-users heavily depend on links for various tasks, such as granting quick access to files and folders and collaborating on files with other users.
When migrating files and folders from one cloud to another, the links can break, causing significant problems for businesses. This occurs because the file addresses change during the migration, rendering the original links invalid.

To avoid broken links, businesses need to have a proper strategy and use the right migration tools to ensure link accessibility is preserved throughout the migration process.

Why do Broken Links Occur?

Links can break during Box to OneDrive migration due to changes in content locations and differences in URL structures between the two cloud storage platforms.
When files and folders are migrated from one cloud platform to another, the URL structure of the links, which is exclusive to the domain of the source cloud, remains the exact way in the target cloud post-migration. However, due to the change in content locations with the migration, the links can no longer point to the right addresses.
For example, if a company migrates from Box to OneDrive, the links of Box files will have a URL structure exclusive to Box, such as https://isgr.app.box.com/folder/179847793931. However, this URL will not work in OneDrive after the migration, resulting in broken links that cannot direct users to the original source.

Likewise, links can break when migrating between cloud storage platforms. In all such cases, the URL structure of the links remains the same after the migration, but the content location changes, rendering the links invalid. This calls for a solution to fix broken links.

How Can Broken Links Impact Your Business?

Preserving links during the migration of files from Box to OneDrive is critical to ensure that the accessibility and usability of these files are not compromised. Links play a crucial role in improving file/folder accessibility, team collaboration, and productivity. If links are broken, it can result in lost productivity as team members struggle to find and access the files they need.
Maintaining links during migration involves identifying all links within the files and folders being migrated and ensuring that these links are updated to reflect the new file addresses in OneDrive. This can be a complex and time-consuming process with a high cost of implementation.

How to Migrate Files From Box to OneDrive, With No Broken Links?

Migrating files from Box to OneDrive without breaking their links is a major technical challenge. Organizations must rely on an expert migration service provider like CloudFuze to overcome it.
We have simplified the process of migrating data from Box to OneDrive with zero broken links through our link migration tool, LinkEx. It allows businesses to migrate links unaltered from the source to the destination cloud during data migration.
With the intelligent capabilities of CloudFuze LinkEx, broken links are easily identified and repaired without the need to re-migrate entire files and folders from Box to OneDrive. This selective process ensures that only broken links are identified and fixed, saving time and resources.

Contact our experts now to experience the real-time functionality of the CloudFuze LinkEx tool.

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