Box to OneDrive: How Are Permissions Migrated and Converted

When migrating from Box to OneDrive, the sharing permissions (end-user sharing permissions) within the Box should not only be retained but also migrated over.

CloudFuze is one of the few cloud data migration tools that is capable of migrating content (users, files, Box Notes, etc.) and permissions. 

Both Box and OneDrive have a different set of sharing permissions. First, let’s have a quick look at various permissions levels in the Box environment.

Box Permissions:

  • Co-owner
  • Editor
  • Viewer Uploader
  • Previewer Uploader
  • Viewer
  • Previewer
  • Uploader 

Box permissions

OneDrive for Business Permissions 

Microsoft doesn’t provide as many permissions as Box does, but on a positive note, permissions in OneDrive are not confusing. Check this screenshot to see how permissions in OneDrive works. As seen in the image, the only two permissions in OneDrive for Business is just Edit and View.

View and Edit

How These Permissions Are Migrated?

Check the following table to understand how CloudFuze migrates and converts respective permissions in Box to OneDrive for Business. 

Permissions Are Migrated