Copy Data from Box to Google Workspace Without User Impact

When creating a proper plan to transfer data from Box to Google Workspace, ensuring little to no user impact should not be an oversight. Migration projects become truly successful when businesses can move most of their data while ensuring the entire transition is seamless for the end-users (employees and their teams).

In this post, we have shared some high-level actionable insights into performing the migration without any user impact.

Migrate all the Data in the Background

The key to making the migration non-intrusive for the end-users is to perform the data transfer process in the background. With this approach, all the users and their respective teams can continue working in Box while their data is migrated to Google Workspace.

With our cloud content migration tool, X-Change, your IT team can perform the migration in background from:

Our tool ensures optimum security by performing the data transfer through REST APIs. Learn more about our security.

Ensure Retention of Permissions and Access Levels

Sharing permissions are directly connected to the way users collaborate with each other. Even the slightest modifications in their interconnected sharing structure raise the risk of inconveniences, such as file/folder inaccessibility, that can have a ripple effect across their teams.

By leveraging our migration solutions, your IT team can retain all the root level and inner level permissions in files and folders. The accurate replication of folder structures also ensures that the access levels and hierarchical orders are maintained in Google Workspace.

Our tool also enables your IT team to migrate:

  • Timestamps
  • File versions (all or selective)
  • Embedded links
  • Box Notes
  • In-line comments
  • Incremental changes

Ensure Proper Preservation of External Permissions

It is equally important to preserve sharing permissions of external users/collaborators as part of eliminating the risk of user impact. By ensuring accurate retention of external shares, the end-users can continue collaborating with external teams post-migration.

We make it hassle-free to replicate the external shares from Box to Google Drive and Google Shared Drives without altering their properties/access levels.

Plan a Proper Change Management Strategy

Planning the entire Box to Google Workspace migration strategy with change management as a priority helps streamline the target cloud onboarding stage. Our migration team can help you implement various types of change management approaches, such as:

  • Communicating to the end-users about the platform transition
  • Evangelizing the target platform to reduce resistance to change
  • Having proper user training and onboarding processes in place
  • Handholding the users during the target cloud adoption

Migrate Your Business from Box to Google Workspace Without Impact the Users

Our migration team can help you implement more approaches to ensure that your company’s users do not get impacted during the transition. Connect with our migration experts to learn more.

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