Change Management for Cloud Migration: User Adoption 101

Cloud data migration does not simply end with transferring data from on-premises to the cloud or from one cloud to another. It involves strategic planning and execution of change management for cloud migration. By implementing change management, your organization can identify and handle the possible transformations that result from the migration to minimize friction and resistance while maximizing user adoption.

In this article, let us explore why user adoption is a key factor in implementing change management solutions for cloud office migrations and what to consider during the process.

Why is User Adoption a Critical Component of Change Management for Cloud Office Migration?

Cloud user adoption is when your employees and stakeholders begin using a new cloud environment after transferring data from an existing data storage platform (cloud or on-prem). For example, if you transfer Box files to OneDrive, the end-users must adopt and begin working on the new cloud platform and its drives, such as Microsoft 365’s OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Teams, Outlook, etc.

It is critical to implement user adoption as part of the change management process for the following reasons:

  • However complex a cloud migration is, its success depends on how effectively the end users embrace the new system. This is a key step in handling the changes resulting from the cloud migration.
  • User adoption is directly proportional to your company’s productivity in utilizing the new cloud platform to achieve business goals.
  • Proper user adoption strategies can help increase the ROI significantly.

How to Implement User Adoption as Part of Change Management?

Understand User Perspectives

Before your internal IT team begins with the cloud data migration, it is essential to understand the end-user perspectives. You must know how the migration would impact the users and their work. This helps identify any resistance points that make adopting the new cloud difficult for them and rectify those in the migration strategies.

Communicate Effectively

Transparent communication with the employees, stakeholders, and clients is integral to improving user adoption. Convey your end-users how the data transition from the existing platform to the new cloud environment will affect their workflows.

Eliminating uncertainties and giving a detailed description of what to expect from the data transition enables end-users to accept the new cloud without apprehensions.

Train the End Users

Train and equip the end-users with the necessary skills to easily navigate and use the new cloud platform. Combine demos and hands-on training to better understand the new cloud suite. It will help increase the user adoption rate and enable them to adapt to the new features and interface quickly.

Measure the User Adoption Metrics

Applying user adoption techniques as part of your organization’s change management for cloud migration is not enough. You must measure user adoption using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like user engagement levels, frequency of system use, and user satisfaction scores.

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