CloudFuze vs Saketa Migrator for Slack to MS Teams Migration

CloudFuze vs Saketa migrator

Saketa Migrator and CloudFuze are two leading solutions for businesses to migrate Slack to Microsoft Teams. Although they share some similarities, they have several differences that position them differently in the cloud office/storage migration market.

Use this post to explore the differences between the two Slack to Teams migration tools and understand their practicality as per the various use cases of global enterprises and SMBs.

Slack Users, Messages, Channels, and Features Migration

Both Saketa Migrator and CloudFuze have the technical capabilities to migrate users, messages, Workspaces, and Public and Private Slack channels to Microsoft Teams. Also, both tools can migrate sharing permissions and a list of other features, including:

  • Metadata (timestamps)
  • Mentions
  • Replies
  • Emojis
  • File share links

These tool functionalities help businesses of all sizes replicate the Slack environment in Microsoft Teams with 100% accuracy. And as a result, end-users (employees and their teams) can make a seamless transition to Teams with little to no friction.

Migration Hosting Model

While Saketa Migrator and CloudFuze X-Change share functionality similarities, they have differences in the hosting model. Saketa Slack to Teams migrator is designed to be downloaded and hosted on the customer’s server.

On the other hand, CloudFuze offers businesses the option to either host the tool on the cloud through a SaaS model or deploy it on their private data center. CloudFuze’s cloud-hosted SaaS migration model eliminates the hassle of deploying the tool which lowers technical complexities and overall project cost for businesses. The on-prem deployment option precisely caters to enterprises that plan to migrate Slack to Microsoft Teams in a local way.

Migration Tool Usage Model

Saketa Migrator and CloudFuze’s Slack to Teams migration service have differences in the usage model as well. Dispatch Saketa has a DIY model in which businesses must download the tool, install it, and configure it for migrating users and files.

CloudFuze, on the other hand, offers a DIY model as well as managed migration option (white glove service). Businesses that do not want to involve a large section of their IT resources can benefit from the managed migration option. The white glove service also frees businesses from many aspects of the migration project which allows them to focus on other important areas, such as change management.

One-time and Delta Migration

While Dispatch Mio Saketa and CloudFuze X-Change offer one-time migration, CloudFuze also offers delta migration which helps businesses transfer all the incremental changes from Slack to Teams without duplicating the original data.

Businesses also get the flexibility to perform delta migration for either selective user accounts or the entire user accounts in Slack to Microsoft Teams.

Delta migration feature comes as part of the overall package for business requirements of all sizes to migrate data from Slack to Teams.

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