5 Features to Consider for Your Slack to Microsoft Teams Migration

If you decide to migrate from Slack to Teams, you should first consider which data you want to transfer. It is extremely difficult to manage these projects for organizations that use Slack heavily. But choosing the right migration tool offers high-speed performance and smooth migration with no data loss.

A Slack to Microsoft Teams migration includes migrating workspaces, direct messages, and public and private channels. Besides, you will need to consider the features to be migrated from Slack to Microsoft Teams.

This article discusses the most important features you should consider when switching from Slack to Teams.

1. Preserving Timestamps Post-Migration

Each message contains a timestamp that helps users know when a specific message is sent/received, when a task is assigned/done, when a file is shared/received, etc. Without timestamps, it will be difficult for users to track the details after migrating data from Slack to Teams.

To experience the same feel as in Slack, ensure that you accurately migrate the most important timestamp along with the chat.

Slack to teams timestamps

CloudFuze Slack to Teams migration tool copies the timestamps of every single message in Slack and migrates to Teams without any mismatch.

2. Emojis Migration

Emojis are increasingly being used in workplace communications that help employees communicate more effectively with each other. For example, emojis to congratulate the team’s success make your communications more realistic.

As a result, migrate emojis from Slack to Microsoft Teams to bring your users the same feel and experience.

slack to teams Emojis Migration

See below how CloudFuze migrates emojis from Slack to Teams, along with the timestamp.

3. Migrate Slack Owner as Owner to Teams

Slack and Teams are similar tools, but they might differ in the level of permissions and access. So, when transitioning from Slack to Teams, it is crucial to map the permissions of Slack users to Teams accurately.

The Slack to Teams migration tool you chose decides how the Slack Owners are mapped and migrated to Teams.

Migrate Slack Owner as Owner to Teams

Using CloudFuze, businesses can migrate the Owner of a Slack channel to the Owner in Teams.

4. Migrate Slack Members as Members to Teams

Slack public channels are open to everyone, and any team member can join. In contrast, a private channel is only accessible to invited members.

As soon as a channel is selected for migration, all its members are mapped and migrated by default.

Similar to migrating owners, CloudFuze migrates all Slack members to members in Teams.

Migrate Slack Members as Members to Teams

5. Delta Sync for Channels

Your Slack to Microsoft Teams migration might take a few weeks to a few months, depending on the number of users, channels, direct messages, etc. Meanwhile, your team members use Slack to communicate and share much information. As a result, migrating all these conversions and files is critical for businesses.

CloudFuze offers delta sync for channels that migrates all the users, chat, emojis, timestamps, @mentions, and replies from Slack channels to Microsoft Teams.

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