CloudFuze as a CloudM Alternative: Data Migration & Beyond

CloudM Alternative

CloudFuze and CloudM operate in several similar markets but have their own set of USPs that differentiate and position them as the leaders. However, if IT and business managers are on the lookout for the best CloudM alternative, how does CloudFuze come into the picture?

What methodologies and functionalities make CloudFuze an unmistakable option for decision-makers who want to rely on the best CloudM migration alternative for their company’s upcoming cloud office migration?

This post offers an in-depth look into CloudFuze as a CloudM alternative for global businesses of all sizes, including enterprises and SMBs.

Cloud Office Migration Services

Similar to the CloudM migration tool, CloudFuze supports the following:

Overall, CloudFuze supports migrations between 40+ leading cloud services and caters to various types of cloud storage migration requirements.

CloudFuze and CloudM both offer extensive migration capabilities, such as sharing permissions migration, delta migration, folder structure retention, version history migration, and modified timestamp preservation.

Get in touch with our migration experts to learn how CloudFuze’s migration capabilities can help your organization meet primary as well as advanced migration needs.

Project Management and Support

Both CloudFuze and CloudM offer project management services where their migration team of experts do the groundwork and help customers offload the bulk of the migration tasks. Companies that do not want to have their entire IT team involved in the migration project can opt for the managed migration service and ensure complete business continuity when the project is in progress.

CloudFuze dedicates an entire migration team along with a migration manager (project manager) for complete handholding.

In terms of support, both service providers go above and beyond to provide businesses of all sizes with the best-in-class migration support through:

  • Real-time migration progress monitoring
  • Extensive migration reporting
  • 24/7 enterprise-grade support
  • Priority troubleshooting

CloudFuze offers several additional benefits, including:

  • Dedicated help desk setup
  • Region-specific work hours adjustment for support and troubleshooting
  • A dedicated ticketing system to ensure no support request is missed
  • Availability of a migration manager in the required region/country upon request

Migration Validation and Reconciliation

Companies migrating their source environment data to a new target for the first time can find it highly challenging to validate the migration upon completion. CloudFuze and CloudM both generate extensive migration reports that offer deep insights into the migrated batches.

At CloudFuze, our migration team helps businesses of all sizes understand the reports and validate the migrated batches. This support ensures complete visibility into the migration statuses.

CloudFuze also helps businesses reconcile the entire cloud office migration through comparison delta.

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