1. Introduction:

If your company and IT teams are planning to transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox, CloudFuze can help to accelerate migration projects. Transferring files from Google Drive to Dropbox can be challenging, especially when you have a high volume of user accounts and many data. Our migration tool is designed to automate the entire file transfer process.

2. Why do Businesses consider CloudFuze for Data Migration?

CloudFuze provides a secure, fast, and efficient way to transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox. The platform moves files from Google Drive to Dropbox, migrating users and sharing permissions. For IT admins looking to migrate data from Google Drive to Dropbox, this article will help you learn how CloudFuze can manage your migration project.

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3. Challenges During Google Drive to Dropbox Migration

Businesses and their IT teams planning to transfer Google Drive to Dropbox face several challenges. For example, sharing permissions, timestamps, versions, external sharing, etc., are not transferred or preserved when migrating data using the manual approach. But with a powerful enterprise migration tool like CloudFuze, companies can move entire users and their data from Google Drive to Dropbox, migrating all the functionality in one automated process. Other challenges for businesses include:

  • Data security and compliance
  • API throttling

4. CloudFuze vs Competitors

CloudFuze is one of the best Google Drive to Dropbox migration tools. This platform provides speed and robust security. It also helps to migrate many features.

Features CloudFuze Tool Competitor Tools
One Time Migration Yes Yes
Delta Migration No No
Folder Display No No
Versions Yes No
Root Folder Permissions Yes Yes
Sub Folder Permissions Yes No
Root File Permissions Yes No
External Shares Yes No
Preserve Timestamp Yes Yes
Long Folder Path Yes No
Special Character Replacement Yes No

5. CloudFuze’s Platform Features

  • Multi-tenant ready
  • RESTful API platform
  • Backed by enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • SaaS servers (ideal for small migrations)
  • Microsoft 365 accounts authentication
  • Dedicated instances (for large migrations) and deployable in a customer’s cloud or data center (ideal for enterprises, universities, and government agencies)
  • US-based SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified data centers
  • Powerful admin controls

6. Prerequisites for Google Drive to Dropbox Migration

  • A functional Google Drive business account
  • A functional Dropbox account
  • Google Drive admin login credentials
  • Dropbox admin login credentials

7. How Are Permissions Migrated?

As you know, Google Drive and Dropbox have different sharing permissions. CloudFuze converts Google Drive permissions to formats supported by Dropbox.

The table below shows how CloudFuze converts and migrates Google Drive entitlements. This permission migration is automated.

Google Drive to Dropbox for Business

S.No. Google Drive File Type Converted File Type in Dropbox
1 Google Doc Docx
2 Google Xcel Xlsx
3 Google PPT pptx

8. What Are the Steps Involved During Google Drive To Dropbox Migration?

You can migrate files from Google Drive to Dropbox by following the steps below. Remember that you need a license to migrate unlimited users and data. Alternatively, you can try CloudFuze’s free trial or request a custom trial from our migration team.

Step 1: Log in to the CloudFuze Account

Sign in to the CloudFuze web app with your credentials to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox. CloudFuze is free to try. You can easily migrate up to 3 users or 10 GB files to test the CloudFuze platform.
CloudFuze Webapp Login

Step 2: Select Google My Drive

After logging into to CloudFuze web app, select Google Drive from the Business Clouds section.

CloudFuze webapp Business Clouds section

Step 3: Enter the Credentials

After selecting Google Drive, enter the login credentials.

Google Drive login page

Step 4: Check if Google Drive is Added Successfully

After selecting the source, click on Manage Clouds, Google Drive will appear in this tab upon successful addition and authorization.

Manage Cloud Section

Step 5: Select Dropbox to Add the Destination

Now, click on the Dropbox logo to add the destination cloud.

Dropbox Added from Business Clouds

Step 6: Login with Credentials

Sign in with Dropbox credentials and then click on sign in.

Dropbox Login Page

Step 7: Check if Google Drive and Dropbox Clouds are Added

After selecting the source and destination, click on Manage Clouds. Upon successful addition and authorization, Google Drive and Dropbox will appear in this tab.

Google Drive to Dropbox clouds Added

Step 8: Select Team Migration

On the left blue panel, select Team Migration to configure the source and destination cloud.

Team Migration on left blue panel

Step 9: Select the Source and Destination

Select the source as Google Drive and the destination as Dropbox.

Source and Destination selected

Step 10: Mapping User Account

Prepare a user mapping CSV file and upload it in the CloudFuze webapp. Upload the CSV file so that the webapp can read user mapping data from it.

User Account Mapped

Preparing the CSV File

You must prepare a user mapping CSV file and upload it to the CloudFuze webapp. This step is crucial for mapping the user accounts from Google Drive to Dropbox in the webapp.

CSV File getting prepare

Step 11: Permissions Mapping

Check that permission of Source Users is mapped with the Destination Users. Apart from configuring permission mapping, you can also edit the permissions.

Source and Destination permissions mapping page

Step 12: Migration Options

Once the permissions are mapped, check on the Migration Options and select the features you want to migrate.

 Migration Options

Step 13: Preview

This is the preview of all the parameters you have selected to migrate from Google Drive to Dropbox. Click on Start Migration

Preview section

Step 14: In progress

During the migration process, visit Reports on the left blue panel and check the migration progress.

Migration in process

Step 15: Migration Completed

The completed message will appear after files are copied from Google Drive to Dropbox.

Migration completed

9. Frequently Asked Questions To Move Files and Folders From My Drive To Dropbox

1. Is There Any Security Risk While Transferring Files From Google Drive To Dropbox?

With a Google-certified migration partner like CloudFuze, you will not face any data security risks as CloudFuze complies with all the security regulations.

2. How Much Data Can Be Migrated per Day?

The amount of data to migrate daily from Google Drive to Dropbox depends on the API limitations set by Google.

3. What is the speed of migration?

The speed of migration depends on many factors, including the size of data, number of users, folder structure, and rate limit/throttling from cloud vendors. CloudFuze roughly migrates a few GB of data per hour.

4. How secure is CloudFuze?

CloudFuze is highly secure and trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies, including government organizations.

5. How do I contact CloudFuze?

You can chat with us using the chat button in the web page’s lower right corner. Alternatively, you can contact us using a form.

6. How much does it cost to migrate from Google Drive to Dropbox?

The pricing depends on the number of users and the size of data in your Google Drive account. Contact our migration team today to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox.

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