Box vs SharePoint: Which Cloud Storage Should Businesses Choose?


Box and SharePoint both offer many business-focused features that improve business processes. But at the same time, there are significant differences between the two cloud storage services that set them apart in the market.

So, which cloud storage is the best for business use cases? Should businesses use on-prem/local storage to adopt Box or SharePoint Online? Or should businesses move Box to SharePoint or vice versa? This comparison guide offers clarity in decision-making.

box vs sharepoint migration

Box vs SharePoint: Pricing and Storage

While Box is available with standalone packages for businesses, SharePoint Online is included in Microsoft 365 business plans (similar to how OneDrive is included in the overall Microsoft 365 package). Here are the differences in pricing and storage between Box and SharePoint Online:

Unlike OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online has not been included in Microsoft 365 Apps for the Business package.

Cloud Plan Price/user/month Storage
Business Plus
Enterprise Plus
Customized Quote
SharePoint Online (Microsoft 365)
Business Basic
Business Standard
Business Premium
Microsoft 365 F3
Microsoft 365 E3
Microsoft 365 E5
1 TB
1 TB
1 TB
1 TB
1 TB
1 TB

Pricing is the core area where there is fierce competition between the two cloud storage services. While Box offers unlimited storage, Microsoft limits storage to 1 TB. But at the same time, most Microsoft business and enterprise plans are a bit more affordable than Box plans. Also, Box’s unlimited storage offering is limited a bit by its 150 GB per day file upload and sync threshold.

Box vs SharePoint: Apps Integration

Business users benefit from native and third-party apps integration in Box as well as SharePoint Online. Box integrates with native apps such as Box Notes and third-party apps such as Microsoft and Google documents.

Box Account
Native and third-party apps integration in Box

Business users have a vast scope for third-party apps integration in Box through Box App Center.

Box App Center

Box App Center

SharePoint Online integrates with native Microsoft apps, including Outlook and Yammer.

Outlook integration with SharePoint Online 

SharePoint Online also integrates with a vast array of third-party apps. Business users of Microsoft 365 can access SharePoint Store to add and integrate third-party apps with SharePoint Online.
SharePoint Store

SharePoint Store

Box and SharePoint Online almost come on par with each other in the app integration space.

Box vs SharePoint: Content Sharing and Collaboration

Box and SharePoint Online both have content sharing and collaboration functionalities. As our Box vs OneDrive comparison guide mentioned, Box users can share content through shareable links, permissions, content access, and collaborator invite links.

content sharing in box
Content sharing in Box

But unlike Box, SharePoint Online is more than just straightforward cloud storage. It is a centralized storage system that acts as an intranet across the entire Microsoft 365 cloud suite. Users can effortlessly share any type of content with a SharePoint link across all Microsoft 365 apps.
For example, users can share any folder or file in a SharePoint Online site as a link through Outlook.

Sharing SharePoint files and folders through Outlook
Sharing SharePoint files and folders through Outlook

Adding SharePoint files and folders to OneDrive for Business is also a seamless experience.

Adding SharePoint files and folders to OneDrive
Adding SharePoint files and folders to OneDrive

Most importantly, Microsoft Teams makes it easy to share SharePoint Online content and content created in OneDrive through a SharePoint link.

Sharing SharePoint and OneDrive content through Teams
Sharing SharePoint and OneDrive content through Teams

From a content sharing and collaboration standpoint, SharePoint Online is ahead of Box. This is because Box is more of a user-focused platform, while SharePoint Online is centralized storage and intranet for the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Box vs SharePoint: Customizability

Both Box and SharePoint Online offer different levels of customizability. Box offers aesthetic and functional customization such as custom layouts, branding, and custom e-signatures. A deeper level of branding customization is available in Box enterprise plans.

SharePoint Online is highly customizable. It offers data access and management customization, content sharing, and automation. However, the deeper level of functional customization is also associated with technical complexities.

The deeper level of customization that SharePoint online offers is best suited for companies with a strong IT department that can navigate the complexities.

Box vs SharePoint: Security and Support

Both cloud storage services, including Box and SharePoint Online, offer enterprise-grade security. Here are the encryptions that Box and SharePoint Online use for data at rest and in transit.

Cloud Encryption

At Rest In Transit
AES 256 AES 256
SharePoint Online

Both Box and SharePoint Online use disk-level encryption for every file. So, when it comes to security, both cloud storage services are good options for SMBs and enterprises.

In terms of support, Box offers dedicated representatives to standard business customers and customized support to top-tier enterprise customers. On the other hand, Microsoft offers support through 24-hours assistance and extensive online tutorials and FAQs.

Box vs SharePoint: Conclusion

All in all, both Box and SharePoint Online have unique strengths in various areas. The box is well-suited for companies that prefer unlimited storage, ease of use for end-users (employees), and uncompromised security.
SharePoint Online is an unmistakable option for global enterprises (with a strong IT team) that plan to customize and streamline their workflows.

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