10 Features to Look For in a Box to SharePoint Migration Tool

Migrating from Box to SharePoint Online is a significant task for any organization, involving numerous challenges and complexities. And to overcome the challenges, it is critical to choose a migration tool that simplifies this complex process of transferring large data volumes while ensuring a high level of security.

This post outlines ten essential features to consider when choosing a Box to SharePoint migration tool.

Box to SharePoint Migration Tool

1. Ensuring Data Integrity

Data integrity is paramount when selecting a migration tool for transitioning from Box to SharePoint Online. This critical feature involves the tool’s capability to accurately transfer all files and folders while meticulously preserving their original structure. This assurance is crucial for the continuity and efficiency of business operations in the new SharePoint environment.

2. Box Notes Migration

Box Notes, a unique feature of the Box cloud service, poses a specific challenge during the migration as it is not supported in other cloud storage platforms like SharePoint. A competent migration tool should be able to efficiently convert and transfer Box Notes into a format compatible with SharePoint.

Ensuring this compatibility is crucial for a smooth transition, allowing users to access and collaborate on their notes in SharePoint just as they did in Box, without losing any data or functionality.

3. Features Migration

A comprehensive migration tool should be able to migrate not just files and folders but also the various features associated with data, such as permissions, comments, versions, timestamps, embedded links, and shared links. Successfully migrating these features ensures a seamless transition and preservation of the entire collaborative environment from Box to SharePoint Online.

4. High Performance and Efficiency

High performance and efficiency are critical attributes for any Box to SharePoint Online migration tool, especially when dealing with large volumes of data at an enterprise scale. The ideal tool should facilitate swift and efficient data transfer and be capable of handling substantial amounts of information at high speeds.

Organizations can quickly adapt to their new SharePoint environment by ensuring faster data migration, reducing the impact on productivity and business processes.

5. Replace Unsupported Characters Automatically

File names in Box might contain characters that SharePoint doesn’t support. The migration tool should automatically detect and replace these characters to prevent errors and ensure a smooth migration.

6. Fix Issues with Long Folder/File Path

SharePoint has specific limitations on the length of file and folder paths, which can pose a challenge during migration. Therefore, selecting a migration tool capable of truncating these long paths is essential.

This functionality adjusts the longer paths automatically to fit SharePoint’s requirements, thus preventing potential migration errors and data loss.

7. Customization Options

Customization options in a migration tool are crucial to cater to the unique needs of different organizations. Recognizing that each migration project has specific requirements, a proficient tool should provide the flexibility to customize user mapping, migrate particular users’ data, and even certain features like permission, versions, etc.

This helps organizations streamline their transition to SharePoint Online, ensuring that only the necessary data is moved and tailored to their unique business and operational needs, which can significantly save time and reduce the complexity of the process.

8. Data Security

The chosen migration tool must adhere to stringent security standards to protect sensitive information during transfer. This includes employing robust encryption protocols to safeguard data in transit and ensuring secure authentication practices to prevent unauthorized access.

The tool should also comply with relevant data protection regulations and industry standards, ensuring that data integrity and confidentiality are maintained.

9. Delta Migration Support

With delta migration, it becomes possible to migrate only the incremental changes that have accumulated during the one-time migration from Box to SharePoint Online. This approach helps streamline the process of updating the incremental changes. It is therefore a must to look for a migration tool that supports accurate delta migrations.

This functionality is particularly beneficial for large-scale or ongoing migration projects. By focusing on the most recent changes, delta migration minimizes data transfer volume, thereby reducing the overall time required.

As a result, SharePoint is kept up to date without redundant data transfers, making it an excellent choice for dynamic business environments where data is constantly changing.

10. Post-Migration Support

This feature ensures that you receive assistance after completing the migration process. Effective post-migration support encompasses technical help, troubleshooting, and guidance on best practices for using SharePoint. It’s vital for addressing any unforeseen challenges or issues that might arise after migrating to the new environment.

Having reliable post-migration support guarantees a smoother transition, enabling organizations to fully leverage the capabilities of SharePoint and ensure that the migrated data is used effectively in the new environment.


In conclusion, selecting the right tool is crucial for success when considering a Box to SharePoint Online migration. At CloudFuze, we offer omprehensive solution encompassing all the essential features required for a seamless migration from Box to SharePoint Online.

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