Copy Box Files to SharePoint Online with Incremental Changes

copy Box files to SharePoint Online

As companies evolve, how they store their business data changes subsequently. While moving data from one cloud to another, a one-time migration is insufficient for 100% data replication in the target environment. This is where an incremental data migration can help.

This blog post demonstrates how to copy Box files to SharePoint Online with incremental changes and explains the significance behind this migration type.

Why Should Organizations Execute an Incremental Data Migration?

When performing a migration, users continue working with the existing source data. This modifies the records and differs from what is available in the destination cloud. To reflect these new changes in the destination cloud platform, your company’s IT team has to migrate only these records instead of transferring the entire data again.

By executing an incremental data migration, your IT team can achieve this in less duration than a complete data transfer.

How can Businesses Copy Box Files to SharePoint Online With Incremental Changes?

Choose the Right Migration Tool

As a first step towards copying Box files to SharePoint Online with incremental changes, choose a third-party migration tool capable of performing a delta migration.

CloudFuze is a leading cloud data migration tool that can execute delta migration by transferring records that got modified during the one-time data transfer and after it.

Configure Settings

After choosing the migration tool, configure and select its settings to enable delta migration. This step explicitly informs the tool to choose only the updated records since the last migration.

Start the Migration

Once the migration team meets the prerequisites, and prepares the SharePoint Online sites, kick-start the migration process and closely observe the status. The migration tool authenticates and connects with the source (Box) and the destination (SharePoint Online) and compares data on both platforms.

Based on the comparison, it detects only the modified records and begins to copy Box files to SharePoint Online in a much lesser time compared to migrating the entire records.

Validate the Results

Once the migration tool completes the incremental load between Box and SharePoint Online, validate the results to check if the migration has been successful. With the help of migration reports, your IT team can verify the data’s accuracy and integrity to ensure there has been no data loss or failure during the transaction.

CloudFuze’s capability to perform comprehensive delta migrations to copy Box files to SharePoint Online with incremental changes is unmatched. It enables companies to maintain perfect data accuracy and precision by moving only the updated records from Box to SharePoint Online.

It also reduces the run time and minimizes the risk of data loss and effort spent on manual troubleshooting.

So, do not worry about using the source cloud data during or after one-time data migration. Ensure complete data replication across Box and SharePoint Online (and other cloud combinations like Egnyte to Google Drive or Amazon S3 to OneDrive) platforms through CloudFuze’s robust delta migration feature.

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