10 Cloud Office Migration Questions Common for All Businesses

10 Cloud Office Migration Questions

Having helped businesses worldwide switch cloud offices successfully, we at CloudFuze, have developed industry-leading expertise. And we have framed this post in ways that can help businesses address their concerns (specific cloud office migration questions) during the initial migration planning phase.

So, if your organization is planning to undertake a cloud office migration (regardless of the cloud combination and scale), we recommend leveraging this post to get answers to your IT team’s and management’s questions. Also, explore questions that most of our business customers ask during their migration preparation stages.

1. How Much Does It Cost to Perform the Migration?

For any business, the cost of the migration directly depends on the scope of work (SOW), including the number of user accounts to migrate and the size of the data to transfer from the source to the target cloud (e.g., Box users and data to Google Drive). Additional variables, such as migration tool customization, type of migration infrastructure, and white glove service (managed migrations) add to the migration project’s overall cost.

At CloudFuze, we offer unmatched pricing flexibility to businesses with customized pricing that does not require any annual plan commitments.

2. What Is the Best Way to Undertake a Large Corporate Move Involving PBs of Data?

Taking a granular approach is the key when it comes to undertaking a large-scale migration that involves moving a lot of users and petabytes of data. Your IT team can segregate critical user accounts and data from ones that are not needed in the target cloud. This, in turn, helps optimize the workload for each migration job.

It is equally important to perform the migration in a phased way for several key reasons, including:

3. What Are Some of the Most Complex Technical Challenges to Overcome?

Migrating files that are specific to the source cloud, such as Box Notes in Box and Dropbox Paper in Dropbox is a highly complex challenge to overcome. Since other clouds do not support these exclusive file types, it is crucial to migrate and convert them to the formats that the target cloud supports.

CloudFuze leads in this space of Box Notes and Dropbox Paper migration with unmatched tool capabilities, such as timestamps and embedded links migration.

Another common and complex challenge for businesses is to migrate file/folder links without breaking them. It is common for many businesses to get links migration wrong when implementing a straightforward migration approach. The best way forward is to use a migration tool that auto-corrects links when transferring them to the target cloud.

4. Can Emails, Messages, Whiteboards, Data Visualization, etc Migrate in Tandem With Users and Data?

Yes, it is possible to migrate emails, links, messages, and other objects along with user accounts and files/folders. With this approach, businesses can perform a comprehensive migration and make the move to the target cloud thoroughly complete.

CloudFuze is a one-stop solution for businesses worldwide looking forward to migrating everything over. Our scalable and customizable solutions cater to all types of migration use cases.

5. How To Ensure the Best Security for Complete Protection During the Migration?

Implementing industry best practices, such as transferring the data via RESTful API calls and authenticating source and target clouds with the token-based OAuth protocol helps ensure optimum security. For a higher level of security, enterprises with a robust IT infrastructure can deploy the migration tool and perform the entire migration locally.

6. How Do UK Businesses Ensure Proper Data Residency Compliance of GDPR?

The best way forward for UK businesses to ensure optimum security while adhering to the GDPR is to use migration servers hosted within the UK region. For large-scale enterprise migration projects, it is best to ensure local availability of the migration team or the migration manager.

With CloudFuze, UK enterprises can perform the most secure migrations with uncompromised GDPR compliance and local migration manager availability.

7. How To Ensure End-User Convenience During the Migration?

It is critical to avoid end-user disruption to ensure that the entire cloud move is seamless. Avoiding end-user interruption plays a vital role in the continuity of the daily operations. The best way to perform a non-intrusive cloud office migration is to perform it in the background with a copy process that does not move the original files and folders.

8. Is It Necessary To Dedicate the Internal IT Team for the Migration Project?

Businesses do not necessarily have to dedicate their entire IT team for the migration project when partnering with a managed cloud office migration provider like CloudFuze. Our managed migration service handholds businesses throughout the migration journey.

By freeing the IT team, businesses can focus on other crucial aspects of the cloud office move, such as change management.

9. How To Plan Source Cloud Exit?

The strategy to decommission the source cloud post-migration largely depends on the migration use case. For example, if the use case for migrating to a new cloud is to let go of the multiple license structure, then it is best to end the source cloud licenses and wipe off the data completely.

10. What if There Is a Change in Plans When the Migration Is Already in Progress?

It is best to avoid changes when the migration is already in progress. However, no migration plan is perfect and therefore making some alterations to it may be necessary during the ongoing migration. For example, the source or destination cloud’s APIs may throttle and delay the migration. In such cases, it is best to have a bit of flexibility with the migration timeline.

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