Why Does Link Migration Matter When Switching Cloud Offices?

Why Does Link Migration Matter

Proper migration and correction of links matter a lot to businesses (of any size and industry) when undertaking a cloud office migration. IT teams must ensure that all the links in the target cloud work perfectly for all data to be intact and easily accessible.
However, that is easier said than done, especially if the source cloud has complex file/folder structures and a long history of internal and external sharing. It is only with the right tool and strategy that it becomes possible for businesses and their IT teams to navigate through the technical challenges and streamline the migration processes.

The Accessibility of All the Migrated Data Depends on Their Links

Migrating source cloud data to the target cloud is only one part of the migration project. Another crucial part is to ensure that the migrated data is seamlessly accessible. It is important that the end-users do not face any disruption when accessing their migrated data to ensure proper continuity in the daily operations post-migration.

And it is only through proper migration and preservation of links that it becomes possible to avoid any type of disruption in data accessibility. However, preserving links in ways that ensure they accurately point to their original address is a technical feat to achieve. And it is only possible with cloud office migration service providers like CloudFuze that focus on ensuring thoroughly complete migrations for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Links Break in the Target Cloud During Straightforward Migration

It is common for links to break in the target cloud office environment when migrating files and folders in a straightforward way. This is mainly because straightforward cloud office migrations (e.g., Box to OneDrive migration) do not address the complexities of the change in addresses which the links can no longer point to, causing them to break and make files and folders inaccessible.

The change in cloud office environments also impacts how external users access internal files and folders. Since the addresses of the files and folders change in the target cloud post migration, external users can no longer access them with the previous URL address.

Broken Links End Up Becoming a Major IT Problem

When links break in the target cloud environment as a result of migration, it creates a major IT problem for all organizations. The worst part is that fixing broken links with a manual approach is often highly challenging and too costly.

CloudFuze addresses this major IT pain point with LinkEx, a links migration service that works in tandem with the standard user and data migration to ensure all links, including embedded links, migrate correctly.

CloudFuze LinkEx also works as a remediation tool to help businesses that already have broken links piled up in the destination cloud office. In this type of scenario, LinkEx fixes only the broken links without remigrating the entire users and data from the source cloud.

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