Why Do Enterprises Migrate From Box to Google Drive Locally?

Enterprises Migrate From Box to Google Drive Locally

When you think of cloud-to-cloud adoption, there is more than one way of migrating it to the desired destination cloud. CloudFuze – one of the leading cloud data migration tools, offers to migrate from Box to Google Drive through the enterprise’s dedicated servers, just like it offers to migrate via the cloud servers.

Some of the top global enterprises opt for the migration to be executed through their dedicated servers owing to their specific business needs.

We at CloudFuze understand your individual business requirements and enable local deployment of our data migration tool in your dedicated servers.

This blog explains the main reasons why enterprises choose cloud data migration to be executed locally.

Protection Against Data Loss in External Networks

A cloud server is multi-tenant, where the resource is shared between different users, while a dedicated server is single-tenant.

For this reason, some leading enterprises stringent about their data security choose to migrate from Box to Google Drive locally in their private servers. By this measure, they avoid the risk of data loss in any external shared network.

CloudFuze’s deployment of its data migration tool within your enterprise’s server helps solve the associated data risks.

Complying With Data Residency Regulations

Most industries demand compliance with the data residency regulations specific to that particular geography. For example, organizations operating from the UK and European nations must comply with GDPR, which restricts data from being migrated through shared public cloud servers.

CloudFuze enables enterprises to transfer files from Box to Google Drive with complete geo-containment by allowing deployment of the tool to their servers hosted in the UK/EU. We thereby help maintain data residency and sovereignty for your enterprise-level information.

Bypassing the Migration Partner’s Security Policies

Our managed migration team assists you through the entire migration from Box to Google Drive while giving you the desired levels of access and control. We do not store your cloud account passwords or have access to your files and use strong encryption to protect data.

Enterprises that plan to deploy the migration tool into their private data centers and perform the migration locally do not necessarily need to follow all the security policies of the migration vendor.

Granular Control in Scheduling and Executing the Migration

When enterprises choose to perform cloud-to-cloud migration through local servers, they require control over how they execute the data migration. Some companies might schedule the migration during maintenance when the employees or customers do not need the data.

CloudFuze offers granular control to run and schedule the migration workflows according to business requirements.

High Performance and Customizable

Another main reason global enterprises migrate using their dedicated servers is that it offers high performance due to single-tenancy. As there are no shared users, the dedicated resources are fully available for data migration without delay in data retrieval or request queuing.

It also has fully customizable hardware and software and allows interaction of any third-party apps with the help of a strong IT team.

CloudFuze X-Change can be locally deployed in the enterprise’s dedicated server with a Linux-based operating system to help assist you in end-to-end migration from Box to Google Drive.

Feel free to reach out to our cloud migration experts to know more.

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