Litera migrated from Slack to Teams using CloudFuze

CloudFuze’s migration tool helped Litera migrate 200+ Slack channels to Microsoft teams.

Litera migrated from Slack to Teams using CloudFuze

Client Overview

Client Overview

Litera is an American-based software company that specialises in legal and risk management.

Migration Challenges

Migration Challenges
Migration challenges

Why CloudFuze

Litera found CloudFuze as the best fit for their Slack to Teams migration need after thorough research of all the solutions available in the market. CloudFuze’s quick response to the Litera, the custom features development they required, and faster migration speed with zero downtime made it effortless for Litera to choose CloudFuze as their migration partner.

Most comprehensive Slack to Teams migration solution on the market.

Why CloudFuze
  • Migrates all direct messages successfully from Slack to Microsoft Teams
  • Preserving the original timestamps of files from Slack to Microsoft teams post-migration
  • Delta sync available for direct messages from slack to teams
  • Managed migration with professional services by a dedicated project manager by CloudFuze
  • Supporting replies of the direct messages from Slack to Microsoft Teams

CloudFuze Solution

  • High-accuracy Slack to Teams migration
  • Incremental and delta migration
  • Channels, DMs, and timestamps, migration
  • Dedicated migration manager and team
  • Enterprise-grade technical support

Migration Project Management with CloudFuze

Litera chose a managed migration service and allowed CloudFuze to handle the migration project end-to-end.

Pre-migration Phase

CloudFuze analyzed
Litera’s Slack


Our migration
engineers set up
the migration.


CloudFuze measured
and monitored


Litera validated
the migrated

Migration Project Management
Migration Project Management