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Moving to MS teams from Slack with many users, messages, Channels, and other items can be challenging for businesses and IT teams that are inexperienced in chat platform migrations. The technical complexities involved in accurately replicating the Slack environment (including collaboration structure) in Microsoft Teams can raise security and downtime risks.

However, with a white glove migration service, such as our managed migration service, your organization, along with your IT team, can streamline the entire process and ensure complete success. Here are some of the core areas where our managed migration team will provide your team with end-to-end support:

Slack to Teams Managed Migration

1. Assistance in Performing the Pre-migration Assessment

How you perform the pre-migration analysis defines the overall outlook and outcome of the migration project. Therefore, it is crucial to have expert assistance in analyzing your organization’s current Slack environment and its collaboration structure.

As part of our managed migration service, our migration team will provide insights-driven support to enable your IT team to:

  • Identify the important Slack Workspaces and Channels to migrate
  • Choose the Slack Channels that are not important to have migrated over to Teams
  • Understand the collaboration structure between users
  • Assess the external permissions to migrate

2. Guidance in Planning the Scope of Work

The next important phase of moving to MS Teams from Slack where our managed migration team will offer extensive support is scope of work (SOW) planning. It is important not to under or over migrate to avoid issues such as partial migration of chats, migrating more than what was required, etc. With a proper SOW, your IT team can migrate in an optimized way to keep the cost in check while achieving the migration goals.

Our managed migration team can help your organization refine the SOW as per your organization’s Slack to Teams migration needs. Other areas associated with the SOW where our team will offer white glove assistance include:

  • Mapping users from Slack to Teams
  • Segregating the total users into several batches
  • Planning the migration timeline
  • Aligning the batch-wise migration as per the planned timeline

3. Extensive Support During the One-Time and Delta Migration

While leaving the migration on autopilot seems favorable, it’s best not to. Regardless of the technological and security measures taken, we always recommend monitoring the ongoing migration in a focused way to keep the risk of conflicts and downtime at bay.

With our managed Slack to Teams migration, your IT team will get constant support from our migration team in keeping proper track of the migration progress. Our team will also provide priority support in case of any issues while the migration is in progress.

4. Expert Guidance in Validating the Migration Results

Without proper validation, your organization will not have full clarity on the completeness and accuracy of the migration. As part of offering a thoroughly managed migration service, our team will assist in validating every batch after their one-time and delta migration. This way, your IT team can confidently proceed with wrapping up the migration and onboarding users to Microsoft Teams.

5. Assistance in Streamlining the Change Management Phase

Apart from the actual migration, our team will also offer extensive support in structuring the change management phase to help your organization onboard users to Teams and adopt the new chat platform extensively. When planning a change management process, it is important to focus on these areas:

  • Communication plan – decide the type and frequency of communication to use for informing the end-users about the transition.
  • Resource plan – choose the team members from your organization who will guide the end-users to onboard Teams.
  • Documentation plan – create onboarding and Teams usage resources in–house and use Microsoft’s Teams adoption guides to enable users to fully adopt Teams.

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