5 Challenges IT Admins Face While Migrating from Slack to Teams

Thousands of companies worldwide are migrating to Microsoft 365 from on-prem storage solutions and other cloud storage services. The primary drivers of Microsoft 365 growth are its features and competitive pricing. As you know, Microsoft 365 comes with many products that boost productivity, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Online Office, etc.

Microsoft Teams, in particular, has gotten a lot of prominence in the last couple of years due to the pandemic-induced remote and work-from-home culture.

Since Microsoft Teams is a part of the Microsoft 365 subscription and doesn’t cost additional money, many companies that recently migrated to Microsoft 365 are planning to use Teams instead of Slack.

Slack to Teams Migration: Is It Possible?

Yes, Slack to Teams migration is possible, and there are several solutions that help IT Admin, as you migrate from Slack to Teams. Slack migration solutions like CloudFuze migrate all of your Slack channels, direct messages, files, users, and even features like message timestamps.

What Are the Challenges Involved in Slack to Teams Migration?

1. Migrating Slack Direct Messages to Teams

Migrating Slack channels to Microsoft Teams isn’t a difficult task. There are several ways of doing it, including using a third-party Slack to Teams migration tool like CloudFuze.

The challenging part is migrating the Slack direct messages to Microsoft Teams. Since there aren’t many tools available to do this job, finding one can be challenging.

2. Migrating Other Slack Features

The whole point of migrating chats to Teams and not starting fresh is that your company’s employees should have access to all of their previous interactions in Slack along with features attached to them, such as timestamps, emojis, files, etc.

3. File Migration Is Challenge Too

Many Slack users attach files in their conversations. When migrating Slack to Teams, these files should be migrated over to ensure there is no loss of business data. When exploring a Slack to Teams migration service, look for the file migration feature as well, besides chats and channels migration.

4. Security Is a Concern

Slack chats too are a part of a company’s data. They needed to be handled with the same care as the other business data, such as documents or emails. A data breach could expose sensitive business interactions.

Always check for security and inquire about the safety of the app or application. CloudFuze, for example, uses only API calls to migrate the chats from Slack to Teams. Our solution allows large enterprises or government agencies to install it in their data center or cloud.

5. Slack to Teams Migration Speed

Speed of migration is very important since it directly impacts the project timelines. Slow-paced migrations result in extended Slack subscriptions. They also delay switching from Slack to Teams permanently.

When researching a Slack migration tool, check it for the speed of migration. Have the following information handy to get accurate migration timelines.

  1. No. of channels
  2. No. of users
  3. No. of direct messages
  4. The size of the data used

If you are planning to migrate, read our Slack to Teams migration guide.

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