Action Plan for UK Businesses to Move to Teams from Slack

Businesses based out of the UK that are planning to move to Teams from Slack must prepare a region-specific migration roadmap that caters to the localized security and compliance requirements. The plan must also address your company’s specific migration requirements to achieve the desired goals.

If you are planning your company’s Slack migration to Teams, you can explore the UK-specific action plan we have laid out in this post and inform your decision-making.

Move to Teams from Slack

Ensure Proper GDPR Compliance and Overall Security Policies

One of the biggest priorities to focus on is to ensure proper GDPR compliance to securely move to Teams from Slack without overriding UK-specific data privacy compliance. When reviewing the migration partner’s GDPR compliance, make sure that it meets the data localization requirements.

Also, perform an in-depth assessment of other areas of the migration vendor’s security policies. Right from the cloud adding and authentication process to securing data in transit, it is critical that the vendor your company chooses to work with offers end-to-end protection against external threats.

If your organization plans to deploy the vendor’s Slack to Teams migration tool on the local infrastructure (on-prem servers), make sure to check the deployment security protocol and make amendments if necessary.

Explore the Scope of Preserving Slack Features in Teams

Since Slack features and membership preservation is crucial to replicating the workflow end-users are familiar with, it is crucial to check the migration tool’s capabilities to migrate:

As one of the industry-leaders in Slack to Teams migrations, we offer the most advanced migration tool functionalities that can help you address your organization’s migration needs. In addition, our managed Teams migration service can help your IT team navigate through the complexities and avoid going wrong in any area of the project.

Review Slack to Teams Migration SLAs Before Project Kick-Off

After preparing the Scope of Work and receiving the pricing agreement from the migration vendor, it is important that your team carefully reviews the vendor’s SLAs. Check all the action items covered under the SLA, such as the type of migration service and support offered, collaterals availability, tool license’s validity, etc. This way, your IT team can prepare and allocate resources for other areas that aren’t covered under the SLA.
In the agreement, also check the type of infrastructure (servers) allocated for your company’s migration project. With this approach, your IT team can have a clear picture of the technical capabilities and limitations and set realistic performance expectations accordingly.

Assess the Scope of UK-Specific Teams Migration Customer References

The odds of ensuring complete success when moving to Teams from Slack will be in your favour only if you partner with the right migration service provider. And as part of extensively researching potential vendors, it is a good step to learn whether your IT team can connect with the vendor’s past Slack to Teams migration customer based out of the UK. With the reference meetings, your team will understand the depths of the UK-specific support services that the vendor can offer.

We have covered this and other similar other action items in our UK questionnaire guide. Check them out for more insights!

Check the Availability of On-Site Support and Dedicated Help Desk

If you are representing a large-sized enterprise with a high-volume and complex migration requirement, an on-site presence of the migration partner’s team will help streamline a lot of areas by closing the communication gap.

Therefore, it is worth checking if the migration vendor can manage provisions for ensuring the on-site availability of a migration manager for regular meetings. Also, having a dedicated help desk set up for priority support can go a long way in ensuring timely resolution of even minor issues.

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