GDPR for Cloud Storage Migrations: Compliance Essentials

For UK and Europe-based businesses planning cloud office migrations, GDPR compliance is the most important security aspect to focus on. And since both UK and EU GDPRs mandate several types and levels of compliances, it is crucial to address all of them and eliminate security loopholes when migrating users and data from one cloud storage to another.

The compliance essentials we have curated here can work as a starting point for your IT team to ensure that your organization fully adheres with the UK and EU GDPR during the migration.

Data Localization

Both UK and EU GDPR require data owners and data processors to localize the data within the UK and EU region respectively. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your organization’s user data does not leave the UK or EU borders when working with a third-party cloud storage migration service provider.

At CloudFuze, we enable UK and European businesses to ensure complete data localization during the migration by hosting our migration tool in the respective UK or EU region. We also provide UK and Europe-based businesses with the option to deploy our tool on their servers to perform the entire migration locally. When deployed into any organization’s on-premises servers, our migration tool does not send any information to our cloud servers. Here is an architecture diagram for further understanding:

Uk and Europe Server

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Standard Contractual Clauses (SSC) Adherence for International Data Transfers

In cloud storage migrations that involve the transit path of user data from the EU region to the UK or from the EU/European Economic Area (EEA), UK or European businesses must ensure proper adherence to the SSC (Standard Contractual Clauses) to fully protect the data.

Depending on your organization’s migration needs, your IT team must consider and adhere with one of the four modules of the SSC. These include:

Standard Contractual Clauses (SSC)

Data Safety Communication

It goes without saying that streamlined communication is a crucial aspect of cloud storage migrations for businesses of all sizes. And equally important is to have proper communication around data safety right from the discovery phase of the migration project.

Both UK and EU GDPR necessitate data owners/controllers to be informed of any form of data leaks within 72 hours of the breach. Therefore, it is crucial to have a dedicated point of contact from your IT team and from the migration provider’s team to maintain regular communication about the progress of the ongoing migration in terms of security. You can further leverage the communication process to keep an overall track of the migration performance as well.

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