Move Files From Dropbox to Office 365 With Live Monitoring

Move Files From Dropbox to Office

Even the perfect strategy to move files from Dropbox to Office 365 can only bring the best results with proper migration monitoring. It is through focused monitoring of the ongoing migration project that it becomes possible for the IT teams to ensure that there are no loopholes that can cause the migration goals to fail.

CloudFuze makes it effortless for businesses to perform a comprehensive Dropbox to Office 365 migration and monitor it extensively. Read this post to learn more about CloudFuze’s migration monitoring features that offer a 360° view of the entire project’s progress.

1. Automatic Redirect to the Migration Reports Dashboard

The CloudFuze migration webapp automatically redirects to the Reports dashboard after the user starts the migration in the Preview stage. This feature saves time and serves as a reminder to continuously monitor the migration progress.

Our recommendation is to start the migration process only after reviewing all the migration parameters in the Preview stage and finalizing them. This is because there is little to no scope in making changes after initiating the data transfer process.

Redirection to reports after starting the migration in CloudFuze webapp

2. All User Accounts Are in Queue Before They Are Processed

In order to keep the risk of migration downtime at bay, CloudFuze X-Change keeps all user accounts in a queue and processes them one by one for the actual migration. The Reports dashboard displays the In-Queue status for user accounts that are yet to be processed.

Here is an example of the In-Queue status of just one user mapping. However, the dashboard will display the status for all the user account mappings.

CloudFuze webapp’s In-queue status

3. In-Progress Status of the Ongoing Migration

The In-Progress status of the CloudFuze webapp indicates that the migration pair (for both Dropbox to SharePoint Online and OneDrive) is currently being migrated. The live dashboard displays several metrics for the ongoing migration, including:

  • The total size of the data migrated
  • The total number of user account pairs migrated

CloudFuze webapp’s In-progress status

The compact view of all these core metrics makes it easy for IT teams to keep proper track of the migration progress without digging deep into all intricate metrics.

4. Download the Report After the Migration Completion

Lastly, no migration validation is complete without checking the reports extensively. Therefore, it is a must for IT teams to download the reports and work with the migration partner to validate each migration batch upon completion.

Downloading migration reports from CloudFuze webapp

Check out this guide to learn about the core metrics your IT team must check in data migration reports to validate the project thoroughly.

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