Migrate to OneDrive from Box Through One-Time & Delta Stages

If your company has planned to migrate to OneDrive from Box, you must understand that it does not involve a single lift-and-shift approach. It is much more than that to achieve complete replication of data from the source to the destination cloud. It requires a one-time and delta migration to transfer all the Box data to OneDrive.

This post shares what phases to cover within a one-time and delta migration to successfully migrate to OneDrive from Box.

One-Time Migration


It is one of the most initial phases in Box to OneDrive migration. Define the scope of the migration, which includes understanding the data to migrate, determining the migration timeline, and being aware of the impact of the migration.

Also, plan and assign the migration roles and responsibilities before you transfer Box files to OneDrive.

Pre-Migration Assessment

Assess the existing source cloud data and determine the user accounts to migrate, file features to transfer, and analyze the user roles or permissions in both clouds. You can easily identify and apply the prerequisites for a seamless data transfer through an in-depth pre-migration analysis.

Prepare OneDrive

Before your migration team moves data from Box to OneDrive, ensure the destination cloud suite is ready to accommodate the incoming data. Prepare OneDrive by creating and configuring the necessary user accounts and assigning the appropriate settings. It is also important to replicate the same hierarchy and structure in the destination as available in the source cloud.

Data Migration

Migrate to OneDrive from Box cloud using a reliable migration tool that allows you to customize the migration settings. Usually, a one-time migration occurs in batches of data instead of moving the entire records in a single go.


Verify whether you have transferred all the Box data to OneDrive. Perform the validation by comparing random source records with the destination data. Analyzing the migration report, you can also assess the data integrity and volume. In case of any mismatches or discrepancies, you can re-migrate the data after rectifying the errors.

Incremental or Delta Migration

Monitor the Changes

It is essential to monitor the changes in the source cloud environment during the ongoing one-time migration. Changes like data insertion, updation, or deletion can occur that you must capture in the destination cloud.

Execute Delta Migration

You must choose a migration tool capable of executing a delta migration to capture the recent changes in the source cloud. The tool must also allow you to select only specific records from the modified data in the source cloud using a granular approach. This eliminates the need to migrate all the files once again in the event of any change in the source data.


Verify the delta migration just as you did for a one-time migration by cross-verifying the source and the destination data. You can also check if there are any mismatches in the data volume or capture any errors by analyzing the migration reports.


Once your internal IT team confirms that all the necessary Box data is transferred successfully to OneDrive, you can decommission the source cloud.

The key to migrating to OneDrive from Box with 100% data replication is a well-planned strategy that includes both one-time and delta migration.

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