What Features Does CloudFuze Box to OneDrive Migration Tool Have? 

CloudFuze is one of the leading cloud storage migration platforms in the world. It is the most preferred migration engine when it comes to Box to Office 365 (Box to OneDrive for Business & Box to SharePoint) migrations.

As a Microsoft’s Gold Partner, CloudFuze has migrated hundreds and thousands of users to Office 365 from other cloud services and on-premise file systems.

Features Overview

Feature Description Availability
User Migration User migration refers to the transfer of Box business user accounts along with data. Yes
Delta Migration Delta or incremental migration migrates all the content changes that happened during migration. This feature allows employees to work on their files during the migration and ensures zero downtime. Yes
File Migration The transfer of every file in a company’s Box account Yes
Folder Migration The transfer of every folder that exists in a Box account. Yes
Folder Structure Replication The process of retaining and replicating the folder structure of all Box user accounts in OneDrive for Business. Yes
Root File Permissions Migration CloudFuze can migrate root file permissions. Yes
Sub-Folder Permissions Migration CloudFuze can migrate sub-folder permissions. Yes
File Permissions Migration The transfer of sharing permissions attributed to each file in every single Box user account. Yes
Metadata Migration The metadata of a file refers to author name, co-authors, revision timelines, etc. Yes
Box Shared Links Shared Links is a Box feature that lets users create quick sharable links that can be shared with co-workers Yes
Comments Migration File comments are posted by file collaborators on the changes they made. Yes
Box Notes Box Notes are a native Box note-taking app that works as MS Word in the Office 365 environment. Yes
External Shared Links Box links that are shared with users out of an organization. Yes
On-Premise Deployable Whether CloudFuze can deployed in a customer’s own cloud or on-premise environment for better data security. Yes
Auto-Mapping Auto-mapping is a CloudFuze’s internal feature that automatically matches users based on their email aliases. The feature reduces the user-mapping and migration times remarkably better. Yes
Manual CSV/Migration Manual migration refers to transferring content between a custom user accounts (as opposed to auto-map) using a CSV file. Yes

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