Migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 with Total Replication

Taking a comprehensive approach is the key strategy that can work for your organization when planning to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 while ensuring a complete replication of the user accounts and data. With a comprehensive approach, your IT team can address the extensive level of planning and structuring that migrations of this category require.

You can use this post as a starting point to gain insights into planning the entire migration project and structuring the roadmap accordingly. We have shared insights that are specific to migrations from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 where accurate replication is the primary requirement.

1. Ensure Proper Conversion of Google Files for Accurate Replication

One of the primary areas to focus on when it comes to moving away from Google Workspace and ensuring replication in Microsoft 365 is conversions of Google files. Since Google files, such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides, have their cloud-native format, it is important to convert them into the file formats that OneDrive and SharePoint Online support.

With CloudFuze X-Change, our industry-leading content migration tool, you can have your organization’s Google files accurately converted to Microsoft-supported formats. The entire file format conversion happens without disruptions to sharing permissions, metadata, and other file properties. Learn more about it here.

Google files Converted formats in Microsoft 365
Google Docs .DOCX
Google Sheets .XLSX
Google Slides .PPTX

2. Consider Preserving All Versions When Migrating Files

Businesses that plan to migrate between cloud offices while optimizing the migration cost generally retain only the latest file versions. In contrast, ensuring a total replication in the target cloud, i.e., Microsoft 365, requires the preservation of all the file versions.

By preserving all the file versions, your organization can enable the end-users to have access to their files in their original-like state. This way, the integrity of the files are preserved and the risk of user impact lowers.

Retaining all the versions when migrating files from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 can seem complex, especially if the files have a lot of old versions. However, our tool makes it easy. Your IT team can select the number of file versions to migrate natively while selecting other features to migrate.

Preserving All Versions When Migrating Files

Make sure to learn about the intricacies of migrating file version to Microsoft 365 and then take decisions accordingly. Learn more about it in our file versions migration guide.

3. Preserve the Folder Structure and User Roles

Preserving the collaboration structure is critical to ensuring a complete replication of Google Workspace in Microsoft 365. And to do this, your IT team must preserve the folder structure and transfer the sharing permissions accurately as per the user roles.

An accurate conversion of user roles helps preserve the integrity of the level of access and privilege each end-user has. Our migration team makes it simple to transfer Google Workspace user roles through our tool while ensuring relevant conversions and adaptation to Microsoft’s user roles.

Our migration tool converts Google user roles in the following way during Google Drive to OneDrive for Business migration:

User Roles in Google Drive User Roles in OneDrive
Editor Edit
Viewer View
Commenter View

Our migration tool converts Google user roles in the following way during Google Shared Drives to SharePoint Online migration:

User Roles in Google Shared Drives User Roles in SharePoint Online
Content Manager Edit
Contributor Edit
Commenter View
Viewer View

4. Migrate Embedded Links Without Breakage in the Destination

Since embedded links are one of the key drivers of user collaborations, it is critical to retain them when planning to migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 with complete replication. In many cases, businesses end up with broken links when trying to migrate them without addressing their address change.

Your IT team can avoid the risk of breakage of links and the cost of manually fixing them with our link migration and correction tool, LinkEx. With LinkEx, you can migrate various types of embedded links without breaking them.

  • IF condition links
  • Shared links
  • Open ID links

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We have more than a decade of experience in helping businesses of all sizes migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 while ensuring complete replication of the source cloud environment. Our industry-leading tool features combined with our team’s granular approach can help your organization achieve the replication goal without making any security and performance compromises.

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