How to Fix Broken Links? Choose Auto-Fix Over Manual Fix

How to Fix Broken Links

Migrating files and folders from one cloud office to another with a straightforward approach usually does not work for businesses that have intricate content-sharing structures. One of the major issues that occur when migrating content with a not-so-strategic approach is broken links.

Since it is typical for links to break when their addresses change during the migration, businesses must have a proper strategy and use the right links migration tool to avoid this issue, which, otherwise, can cost a lot of time and money to fix.

And in many cases, businesses that have already moved to a new cloud environment and now have broken links piled up must use a proper remediation approach to fix the broken links without any business impact.

Learn why links break during migration and explore CloudFuze’s solutions to migrate links without breaking them. Also, learn how CloudFuze helps businesses fix links that have already been broken post-migration.

Why Do Links Break During Migration?

When migrating files and folders in a straightforward way, the URL structure of the links, exclusive to the domain of the source cloud storage, stays the same in the destination cloud after the migration. But due to the change in content locations with the migration, the links can no longer point to the right addresses. And once broken, the links cannot direct users to the original source either temporarily or permanently.

For example, let’s say your company is migrating from Box to OneDrive, the links of Box files, such as Word documents and Box Notes files, will have Box-specific URL structure, e.g., Since the example URL is specific to Box, it will not work in OneDrive or SharePoint Online after the migration.

Broeken Links

Business Impacts of Broken Links

The immediate repercussion of broken links is a disruption in the ongoing work across a wide range of teams in the organization. As a result, deliverables become pending, project deadlines are missed, and other critical tasks are left unattended.

The other significant impact is the time and cost it requires to remediate the issue. Fixing broken links with a manual approach can cost businesses a lot, especially if there is a high volume of broken links to repair.

Here is an example of a simple calculation of how much it can cost to fix broken links:

Items (as examples) Figures (as examples)
Number of broken links 100,000
Cost per IT man-hour $40
The average time taken to fix each broken link 0.05 hours (3 minutes)
Total time required to fix all the broken links (0.05 x 100,000) 5000 hours
The total cost required to fix all the broken links (5000 x 40) $200,000

How to Fix Broken Links After Migration in a Cost-Effective Way?

Using a manual approach is almost always out of scope as it is time-consuming and costly. It is only by using an automatically broken link checker and fixer that it becomes possible to remediate the issue in no time and lower the risk of downtime in business operations.

CloudFuze has now made it simple for businesses of all sizes and industries to fix broken links without investing a significant amount of time and money. Our broken link fixer, CloudFuze LinkEx, can work perfectly as a remediation tool to help your IT team fix the issue of broken links that have occurred with the previous migration vendor you have worked with.

CloudFuze LinkEx intelligently works as a broken links scanner to identify all the broken links and repair them. This process of selectively identifying broken links and fixing them eliminates the need to re-migrate the entire files and folders from the source to the destination cloud office.

Fix broken links with CloudFuze LinkEx

Migrate Links in High Volumes Without Breaking Them via CloudFuze LinkEx

The best approach always is to prevent the links from breaking in the first place when migrating to the destination cloud. CloudFuze LinkEx works alongside CloudFuze X-Change to help businesses transfer links without breaking them when migrating user accounts and data.

The best part? Businesses can consolidate the pricing of links migration with users and data transfer for fast budget approvals from the finance team. Similarly, our migration team also offers the flexibility of streamlining the legalities of links and data migration to execute the migration project in a lightweight way.

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