AI-Powered Microsoft 365 For Digital Transformation: 4 Insights

Microsoft 365 is now more intuitive and powerful than ever before as Microsoft has integrated AI capabilities across all the tools/apps in the cloud office suite. For businesses, this translates into newer opportunities to streamline their cloud-based operations and aim for more growth, especially organizations that are planning to leave on-prem/legacy systems and migrate to Microsoft 365 for agile digital transformation.

1. Democratization of AI Capabilities Accelerate Microsoft 365 Digital Transformation

Microsoft has now integrated AI across the entire Microsoft 365 Cloud suite on a granular level. For example, almost every standard tool/app, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, etc now have new AI capabilities that improve their individual productivity.

From managing emails in Outlook to scheduling meetings and streamlining communications in Teams, employees and their teams can leverage the new AI integrations in Microsoft 365 to improve their productivity which, in turn, translates to organization-wide operational efficiency. And the more granular the positive impact of AI integrations, the more opportunities for organizations to tap into digital transformations in agile ways.

2. New AI Integrations Help Streamline Microsoft 365 Adoption for End-Users

It has now become simpler for businesses to streamline the entire process of onboarding end-users to Microsoft 365 and enabling organization-wide adoption through easier usage of the cloud suite’s tools, more parameters in admin panels, and guided approaches.

Overall, the easier usability of the AI-integrated Microsoft 365 apps makes it simpler for end users and their teams to adopt the cloud suite without facing significant disruption.

Also, Microsoft has streamlined adoption processes for the newly introduced Copilot in Microsoft 365. The large language AI model syncs with the existing data which simplifies its overall adoption on an organization-wide scale without bringing significant usability and user experience-related changes.

3. Adoption and Enhancement of High-Level Security Protocols

Any business manager or decision maker would agree that cloud security is imperative to any organization for its efforts to improve digital transformation. And Microsoft 365 has always been highly focused on cloud security for businesses of all sizes, including SMBs, and enterprises. However, with the integration of large language AI model Copilot, Microsoft has now made it possible for businesses to further improve cloud security.

With Microsoft Security Copilot, businesses can now accurately detect cybersecurity threats at an early stage, identify them, and take protective measures against them in a significantly short span of time. Security teams can now ask all security threat related questions to Microsoft Security Copilot in natural language to which actionable responses will be generated.

4. Higher Revenue Through AI-Augmented Sales

Apart from streamlined user collaboration (for improved productivity) and higher security, Microsoft 365, with its Copilot integration, now helps businesses tap into uncharted territories of streamlining sales processes, i.e., sales intelligence.

Microsoft Sales Copliot works with Teams to register data into third-party CRM system of choice and derive valuable insights for sales managers. This way, the sales team do not have to spend as much time and resources managing customer engagement data.

Migrate to Microsoft 365 and Leverage AI to Accelerate Digital Transformation

If your organization is currently using an on-prem storage system or a standalone cloud storage and has plans to migrate to Microsoft 365, the best time to make the move is now.

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