How CloudFuze Fueled Digital Transformation Amidst the Pandemic Uncertainty

COVID-19 has created new challenges in which every organization must rapidly accelerate its cloud migration to provide the foundation for end-to-end digital transformation, necessitating the transformation of every business into a cloud.

However, the key issue for businesses will be to transform digitally faster and move to the cloud. Organizations going further through the digital transformation and cloud migration stages are likely to be comparatively better at incorporating digital technologies into effective and agile strategic choices.

Companies that want to achieve digital transformation and leverage growth prospects must migrate to the cloud. This article will discuss how CloudFuze helped businesses accelerate their digital transformation goals by executing a seamless, secure, and cost-effective migration to the cloud.

CloudFuze Fueled Digital Transformation

1. On-Prem to Cloud Data Migration

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to work remotely, businesses that have their data on-premise, Network File Shares, SharePoint servers, etc., had to migrate to the cloud for creating a remote and digital workplace for their employees. But, how to move the data? Migrating from on-prem file systems to the cloud comes with specific challenges.

CloudFuze has made it possible to migrate petabytes of unstructured data from on-prem to any cloud provider in a few simple steps. Our migration professionals took care of every minute piece of data and have helped many organizations of all sizes migrate the data along with all the features associated with it like permissions, metadata, versions, etc., from on-prem to the cloud as required.

2. Cloud to Cloud Data Migration

One of the most common reasons companies are switching from one cloud to another is to reduce business costs. We at CloudFuze observed it as a clear trend before and after the pandemic and recognized its importance to any business. Any corporate cloud migration is a difficult undertaking.

Our migration experts knowledgeable in all the domains helped many fast-growing businesses migrate their data from one cloud storage to another, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Egnyte, Citrix, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and many more. Migrating the data includes migrating all the folders and files, root and sub-folder permissions, file sharing permissions, comments, version history, timestamps, external shares, and embedded links customized as per the business requirements.

Our dedicated migration team takes care of everything for your migration project to be successful. With regular updates during every phase of migration from the CloudFuze team, IT Admins can just sit back and focus on their day-to-day priorities without interruptions

3. Switch Between Cloud Office Suites

The need for digital transformation for businesses is to evolve and be resilient in the face of competitive pressure, changing customer expectations, and even global crisis. For this reason, businesses are leveraging the power of cloud office suites to move towards full digital transformation by migrating from on-prem or traditional cloud storage to a cloud office suite. Most popular examples of cloud office suites include Google Workspace and Microsoft’s Office 365.

Transferring a collection of data such as files, user permissions, timestamps, version history, comments, shared links, and embedded links from source systems to a cloud-based office platform can present several complexities. CloudFuze being Google Technology Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, with its unmatched expertise, experience, and reliability, has carried out several migrations to Google Workspace and Microsoft’s Office 365 securely and seamlessly with all the data.

4. Migrate Between Collaboration and Business Chat Platforms

Due to the sudden shift to remote work at the beginning of 2020, virtual collaboration tools have become a must-have for businesses, and they are heavily relying on collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, Webex, etc. Some companies may find that switching from one collaboration platform to another without any overlapping is necessary for their business.

For Example, Since Microsoft Teams comes as part of the Office 365 bundle of apps, making communication easier and productive by collaborating on documents in real-time with team members, many companies are looking for Slack to Teams migration. But, switching to a new workplace collaboration platform, especially one with as many features as Teams, comes with many challenges.

No matter how carefully you plan, choosing an ideal migration partner can provide you with a successful outcome. CloudFuze is Microsoft’s Gold Partner and has seamlessly migrated all the workspaces, direct messages, channels (public and private), users, files, conversations, replies, timestamps, emojis, and user mentions from Slack to Teams successfully for various businesses without any conflicts.

5. Build Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions

Even though the cloud environments take all the security measures to protect the company’s data against any risks, some companies choose to back up their business-sensitive information before migrating their data to be on the safe side.  In some cases, companies might want to continue working on the source cloud even after the migration (for example, employee resistance to the change, etc.), which necessitates synchronizing data between the different clouds.

CloudFuze has handled such situations more tactically by backing up the data, automatically and securely migrating the data, and synchronizing the data post-migration where any small change made in the source cloud is automatically updated in the destination cloud and vice-versa. We at CloudFuze understand the prominence of your business data and offer the safest and more secure backup method for our valued customers.

Whether you are looking for on-premises to cloud or cloud to cloud migration, migration experts at CloudFuze can help! Schedule a call with our experts to migrate your data rapidly and successfully to the cloud with no disruptions.

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