Measure Your Company’s Box To Google Drive Migration Success

If your company is planning to migrate files from Box to Google Drive, then you need to identify how you will evaluate whether the migration is successful. Many companies consider it a successful attempt by only transferring files from Box to Google Drive. However, that is not the case, as you also need to consider several factors, such as timeline, accuracy, and security, to know if migration is successful.

1. Validation of the Data Migrated to the Destination

The standard practice to measure the success rate of any data migration project is validating or comparing.

Your IT team must check the data migration reports to determine whether the user’s end data migrated properly. Also, some data might need to be recovered while switching from Box to Google Drive. Hence, it is essential to compare the data of Box with Google Drive, and it will help you, as an IT admin, to determine whether all the data has been successfully migrated.

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2. Incremental Changes in Migration

As one-time migration is validated, in the same way, make sure to validate or compare the migrated incremental changes. So, ensure that before you start working on Google Drive, your Google Drive account has all the files and folders moved into it with all the updated changes.

Once the One-time migration is done, CloudFuze initiates the Delta migration to transfer all incremental changes to Google Drive.

3. Migrating Accurate Features

Another critical point to measure the success of Box to Google Drive migration is to check that selected features are correctly migrated. It would help if you did not consider it sufficient by only copying files from Box to Google Drive. Therefore, ensuring accurate migration of all these features is done to end users.

  • Permissions
  • Folder Display
  • Selective Versions
  • Preserve Timestamp
  • Version History
  • Shared Links
  • External Links
  • Embedded Links

4. Migration Cost Tracking Is Mandatory

Migration cost tracking is an essential activity, and many data migrations often exceed the estimated budgets for many reasons. Factors that determine the cost of Box to Google Drive migration include:

  • Features Migration
  • Total data size
  • The migration service provider you choose
  • Requirement of custom migration
  • Number of users to migrate
  • Support during the migration process

5. Calculate the Timeline of Project Completion

The project’s timeline depends on the users and data to be migrated. One of the biggest challenges during the migration of Box to Google Drive is to transfer the data within the defined timelines. So, to ensure that moving data from Box to Google Drive is successful, it is essential to track the timeline to determine whether there are any delays or if it meets the timeline goals.

Bottom Line:

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